NUMBER 10 Quality row


When was it built?

Number 10 was built in 1844 as one of the houses built for the officers who came to set up the penal colony. The settlers called the road Military Road, and the Pitcairners who came in 1856 changed the name to Quality Row.


Second Settlement Occupants

The first person to live in Number 10 was the Foreman of the Works Mr Thomas Seller. He

lived there without his wife and two children who stayed in Sydney. His servant William Jenkins lived in the annex out the back.


The next family was Mr Robert Orford who came with his wife and daughter who was not married. They stayed until 1855 when the Second Settlement closed down.


The dripstone that was used to  purify the drinking water

Third Settlement Occupants

When the descendants of the Bounty Mutiny came in 1856 the house was given to a grandson of Fletcher Christian, Isaac and his wife Miriam Young. They eventually had fifteen children so there could not have been much room for them all at Number 10.


Its use today

Today the house is used as a museum so that everyone can see what it was like to live on Norfolk Island in earlier days.


The house has been furnished as it would have been when Thomas Seller lived there in 1844.


Many visitors to the island go to look at the house.




Wat taim dem bild et?

Dem bild Namba 10 in 1844 aes wan o dem haus f’ dem ohfisa huu kum f’ set ap daa piinal koloni. Dem setla korl daa roed Militari Roed, en dem Pitcairners huu kam ya iin 1856 chienj daa niem gen Kwohliti Roe.


Sekand Setelment Okyuupants

Daa fas salan f’ lew iin Namba 10 es daa Forman o Werks Mr Thomas Seller. Hi

lew deya wail his waif en tuu letl salan sti iin Sydney. His servant William Jenkins lew iin daa aeneks aut’ baek.


Daa neks salan f’ lew deya es Mr Robert Orford huu kam longf’ his waif en dorta huu nor se maeri. Dem stop tal 1855 wen daa Sekan Setelment shet daun.


Dem yuus daa dripstoen f’ pyuurifai  dems drinken worta


Therd Setelment Okyuupants

Wen dem desendants o’dem Baunti Myuutini kam ya iin 1856 dem giw daa haus gen d’ graendsan o Fletcher Christian, Isaac en his waif Miriam Young. Or taim dem haed fiftiin letl salan soe kaa bii haed mach ruum f’ orl dem iin Namba 10.


Wieh yuus et desdieh

Desdieh daa haus yuus et f’ wan myuusiiam soe salan el sii wathen simes f’ lew iin Norfuk Ailen iin erliya diehs.


Daa haus bin fernish et simes daa taim wen Thomas Seller lew deya iin 1844.


Plenti visitas t’ daa alien yuus gu luk orn daa haus.