Its use during the Second Settlement

Number 1 Quality Row was built for the Stipendiary Magistrate and was begun in 1845, when Major Joseph Childs was the Commandant.  It is built on the southern side of Quality Row, as there was not much land left where the other houses had been built.  It faces the sea, as the Magistrate did not want his house to face the duplex across the road built for the Superintendents of Convicts.




Its use during the Third Settlement

When the Pitcairn settlers came in 1856, William Quintal lived in the house.  The Quintal family continued to live in the house until the house was destroyed by fire in 1908.

Its use today

 The Magistrate’s house became the Clubhouse of the Norfolk Island Golf Club in 1931. It was reconstructed in 1973 and 1984, and is still the clubhouse. Golf is a popular sport on the island. Many visitors who come to the island play golf and have a drink or a meal at the clubhouse.





Wathen yuus et for iin daa Fas Setelment

Dem bild Namba 1 Quality Row f’ daa Stipendiehri Maejistriet en begin iin 1845, wen Major Joseph Childs es daa Komandant.  Se bild et orn daa sathan said o Quality Row, aes naewa haed mach laen laef said dem tada hauses bin bild et.  Daa Maejistriet get dem pat his haus fiesen daa sii kos hi naewa want et fies daa dyuypleks krors’ roed dem bild f’ daa Suupaintendent o Kohnvikts.





Wathen yuus et for iin daa Therd Setelment

Wen dem Pitcairn setlas kam ya iin 1856, William Quintal lew iin dieh haus.  Daa Quintal faemili sti lewen iin daa haus tal ban iin 1908. Penti salan huu kam gen d’ ailen yuusa plieh gohlf en nini ala iit aet daa klabhaus.





Wieh yuuset desdieh

Daa Maejistriets haus kam es daa Klabhaus o daa Norfuk Ailen Gohlf Klab iin 1931.  Dem riibild et iin 1973 en 1984, and es stil daa klabhaus.  Gohlf es popyuula sport ya orn d’ ailen.