NUMBER 9 quality row




When was it built?

Quality Row houses were built during the Second Settlement for the officers who had come to Norfolk Island to set up the penal colony. Quality Row was called Military Road until the Pitcairners came in 1856.  Number 9 was built in 1839.


The houses in Quality Row are all similar.  They have rooms in the front for the family, and rooms at the back called the annex for the servants.  The servants did the washing and cooking at the back. There is a courtyard in the middle where the family would sometimes sit outdoors.


Second Settlement Occupants

Number 9 was built for the Royal Engineers for their own use.  The Engineers did not live on the island all the time, but came and went as work was done. This means that we do not know the names of the people who lived in the house in the Second Settlement.  This house is the only one in Quality Row that was built with stables, because the Engineers had to ride about the island inspecting buildings.

  The back all of the kitchen shows fire damage.

Third Settlement Occupants

The Reverend George Hunn Nobbs lived in the house when the Pitcairners came to the island. He died in 1884 and his widow carried on living there until she died.  Then Mrs Jemima Christian, his daughter lived there.


In 1908 some of the houses were burnt in a protest, but this house was not occupied at the time, so was not.  However it did have a fire in it in 1939.  It was rebuilt in 1940, and renovated in the 1980s. 


Its use today

When the house was rebuilt, new walls were added inside.  These have been removed, so the house is now the same shape as when it was built.  Policemen and officers of the administration have lived in the house.  A few years ago it was turned into an Interpretive Centre for KAVHA, and is visited by tourists who want to know about the history of the island.






Wat taim dem bild et?

Dem bild dem Kwohliti Roe haus iin daa Sekand Setelment f’ dem ohfisas huu kam gen Norfuk Ailen f’ set ap daa piinal kohloni. Quohliti Roe bin yuusa korl et Militari Roed tal dem Pitkernas kam ya iin 1856.  Dem bild Namba 9 iin 1839.


Orl dem haus iin Kwohliti Roe es simes wan’nada.  Gata ruum iina frant f’ dems faemili, ena ruum aet d’ baek dem korl daa aeneks f’ dems servent.  Dem servent yuusa duu d’ wohshin ena kuken rauna  baek.  Gat wan kortyaad iin’ medl wesaid daa faemili el samtaim sti autsaid.


Sekand Setelment Okyuupants

Dem bild Number 9 f’ dem Royal Enjineyas f’ dems oen yuus.  Dem Enjineyas naewa lew orn daa ailen orl d’ taim, bat yuusa kam wen haed’ werk f’ duu.  Deyas fut wi nort noe dem salans niems huu lew deya iin daa sekand setelment. Dieh haus es daa uni wan iin Kwohliti Roe s’ bild et lorngf’ stiebls, Kos dem Enjineyas

haewa raid abaut daa ailen luken orna bildings.

  Daa baek worl o daa kichen, shoen faiya daemej.


Therd Setelment Okyuupants

Daa Reverend George Hunn Nobbs lew iin dieh haus d’ taim wen dem Pitcairners kam gen Norfuk. He died iin 1884 en his wido sti deya  tal shi died.  Aata daa  Mrs Jemima Christian, his dorta lew dieh.


Iin 1908 dem ban sam o dem haus iin’  proetest, bat haed noe salan lewen iin dieh haus aet daa taim soe dem labii dieh wan. Dieh haus  did haewa faiya iin et iin 1939.  Dem riibild et iin 1940, en renoviet et iin d’ 1980s. 

Wieh yuuset desdieh

Wen dem riild deya haus, pat sam nyuu worl iinsaid. Dem bin tek dem aut nau, se daa haus es simes wen dem bild et. Pohliisman en ohfisa o daa aedministrieshan bin lew iin daa haus. A fyuu yias agoe dem tan et iintu wan Interpretive Senta f’ KAVHA, en dem tuuris yuus gu deya f’ lern baut daa histrori o deya ailen.