The Tour Ed committee was formed as a subcommittee of the Norfolk Island Tourism Board to look at Norfolk Island’s schooling to see where we could add focus and content in order that our kids come out with a good historical and general knowledge; with greater Island pride and with knowledge of tourism as Norfolk Island’s primary industry. This website is one of the resources that was requested by the head teachers of Primary, Deborah Murray and Helen Pedel, in 2009 and will assist in the provision of our ideals.

The Tour Ed Committee:-

Louise Tavener (Team Leader), Frances Christian, Mary Christian-Bailey, Julie South, Matt Christian-Bailey, Lisle Snell, Gaye Evans and Annabelle Langdale.

There are many people to thank for their assistance in making this Project a reality:-

  1. Agnes Hain who believed in the work and offered a large donation for us to use on a project of our choice. This is that project.

  2. Bruce Walker who provided many hours FOC in creating the initial draft for a website

  3. Catherine Robins who researched and wrote some of the entries for KAVHA/Norfolk Island Museums.

  4. Coral Rowston, Manager NINPBG, who was so supportive of the project.

  5. Cristina Rose McRitchie who provided a wealth of illustrations.

  6. Foxy McCoy who allowed us to use his historic collection of aircraft photographs.

  7. Honey McCoy who provided material for Nepean Island and Phillip Island

  8. Jenny Jauczius for her boundless enthusiasm and valuable contribution to the Project

  9. Juliette Grant & Joe Adams who researched and wrote about the Australian airlines which have operated in Norfolk Island historically.

  10. Lexi Tavener who provided the horse icons we used on the map.

  11. Linda Emery who researched the Headstone Monument

  12. Lisa Richards of Norfolk Island Museums who was so supportive of the project.

  13. Louise Tavener who coordinated the project and who provided the first Norfolk translations.

  14. Mary Christian-Bailey who researched and wrote entries for the Melanesian Mission, St Barnabas Chapel and Simons Water.

  15. Peter Davidson who provided the material for the Reserves.

  16. Rachel Borg who edited and proofed all of the Norfolk translations in files and wrote The Tree of Knowledge.

  17. Rob Nisbett for his support

  18. Sue Brian, a fantastic helper without whose help we would no doubt still be plugging. Sue researched and wrote over 100 of the entries for KAVHA, Norfolk Island Museums, Norfolk Island National Park, Norfolk Island Administration, industries and set up many of the other individual files as well as taking many of the photographs.

  19. Tanya Delaney and Helen Pedel, members of staff at Norfolk Island Central School, who seized the opportunity for Professional Development in Webpage Design. They collated the wealth of data gathered by TourEd into a Web that will be used by students, community members, visitors and the World.

  20. Trish Magri for her tireless work in getting this website designed and built when it looked like the whole Project might fall over.

  21. Wally Beadman for his Cultural Centre contribution.

Thank you also to the many people not mentioned, who provided listings and links.

Deer site se dedicaet et gen Dianne Buffett huu had wun deep luw o’ Norfuk; ukluns culture en ukluns sulun, especially ukluns letl sulun huu she bin teach aklans culture gen.