Airlines that have operated into Norfolk Island from New Zealand:


1947 -1955

(NAC) National Airways Corporation flew regular passenger transport (RPT) between Auckland, New Zealand and Norfolk Island using a DC3 aircraft.

1955 -1965

A name change to the airline saw the RPT flown by Tasman Empire Airways Limited (TEAL) who flew using chartered Qantas DC4 aircraft from 1955 -1965.

1965 - 1975

Another name change to the airline saw the RPT flown by Air New Zealand who flew using DC4 aircraft.

1975 - 1984

Air New Zealand changed to use NAC chartered Fokker F27 aircraft.

1984 - 1998

1984 saw Air New Zealand replace the Fokkers with the Boeing 737-200 aircraft.

1998 - 2008

1984 saw Air New Zealand replace the Boeing 737-200 with the Boeing 737-300 aircraft.

In 2008

Air New Zealand commenced Airbus A320 flights to Norfolk Island to supplement to B737 service. In March 2009, the A320 aircraft replaced the Boeings on the scheduled flights between Norfolk Island and Auckland.

In one form or another, Air New Zealand has been servicing Norfolk Island for nearly 60 years.

Airlines that have operated into Norfolk Island from Australia:

Regular passenger transport (RPT) between Australia and Norfolk Island.


October 1947 – February 1977

Qantas Airways commenced operations between Australia and Norfolk Island in October 1947. This service was initially utilising Lancastrians then DC-4 aircraft. In addition, from 1955 the Qantas DC4's also operated between Auckland and Norfolk Island under charter to Air New Zealand. This service continued until 1965 when Air New Zealand allocated their own DC4 aircraft to the Norfolk/Auckland route.

Qantas continued flying between Australia and Norfolk Island until February 1977 when the route was relinquished to East West Airlines. Since 1977, Qantas have continued its involvement with Norfolk through code-shares with Norfolk Jet and then Norfolk Air and providing disruption recovery charters utilising B737-300, B737-400 and BA146 aircraft. Jetconnect (Qantas subsidiary) operated B737-300 aircraft under charter to Norfolk Island Government between December 2005 and April 2006.



East West Airlines commenced services to Norfolk Island on 1st March, 1977

when Qantas gave the run away due to the ageing DC4s.   The NSW Regional Airline commenced the run using the Fokker F-27, turbo prop aircraft providing both freight and passengers on a daily basis.  It was a 4 hour flight on the F-27 and a full load of passengers was 36.   Their flights departed from the TAA domestic terminal in those days.   From 1979 to 1983, East West Airlines also did a run between Norfolk Island and Auckland, on charter to Qantas Airways, on a twice weekly basis.  On 30th April 1983, after the upgrading of the Norfolk Island Airport, East West Airlines bought Norfolk Island into the Jet Age by introducing the Fokker F-28 on the run.  These brand new jets operated 4flights per week between Norfolk Island & Sydney and a once weekly service between Brisbane and Norfolk Island.   A full passenger load on the F-28 was 69.   EAST WEST continued the run until Ansett  bought them out and gradually handed the service, and Aircraft to Ansett Airlines of NSW.


Nov 1990- Apr 1994
Using the F-28 purchased from East West Airlines, Air New South Wales continued the run between Sydney and Norfolk Island from November 1990 until April 1994.

They introduced the BAE-146 “whispering Jets” on the Brisbane to Norfolk run during this time and ceased operation in 1994 as AIR NEW SOUTH WALES

when  ANSETT AUSTRALIA took over the run, using the F-28 and BA-146 also,

before introducing full time Boeing 737-300.  Ansett NSW introduced a weekly Melbourne to Norfolk Island flight, via Sydney, in November, 1991 – but this was discontinued in March, 1992.


Sept 1994- June 1997

Commenced flights to Norfolk Island under their brand new “Ansett Australia” livery in September 1994.  They continued to provide Norfolk with 5 flights per week between Sydney and Norfolk Island and 3 flights per week between Brisbane & Norfolk Island using the F-28 on both the Sydney and Brisbane service.    In 1995 Ansett Australia started to introduce the Boeing 737-300 on the Norfolk run, and in January 1996 introduced the Boeing 737-300 full time on the Sydney to Norfolk Island service and the BAE-146 on the Brisbane to Norfolk service.   This continued until Ansett Australia gave the run away in June 1997.

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