all saints church


When was it built?

All Saints Church is now in the building that was built as the Commissariat Store.  It was built in 1835 to store all the goods that were necessary for the penal settlement.  The store was built with the soldiers’ barracks, away from the convicts, because the stores were very precious and had to be guarded against theft.


Its use in the Second Settlement

During the Second Settlement, the second floor, which is now All Saints Church, was used as an engineer’s store, an office and a grain store.  Stores were moved in through doors in the northern wall, using a large hoist.  The lower floor had more offices and a meal room.     


Its use in the Third Settlement

In 1874 All Saints Church, which was further along Quality Row was moved to the commissariat Store, as the original church had been destroyed in a storm.  The ceiling on the main level was removed to make a big space.  A stained glass window was installed. The Pitcairners also put in a porch, a clock and a bell in the main building, but these have now gone.


It use today

The church is still used for services by the Anglican Church.






Wat taim bild et?

Orl Sients Cherch es iin daa bilden bin es aa Kohmisieriyat Stor.  Dem bild et iin 1835 f’ stor orl dem guds dem niid f’ daa piinl setelment.  Daa stor bild et lorngsaid dem soeljas’ baeraks, wieh fram dem kohnwiks, kos dem stor es preshas an en haewa gaad et soe noebohdi tek et.


Wieh yuuss et iin daa Sekan Setelment

Iin daa Sekan Setelment, daa sekan flor, wich es nau daa Orl Sients Cherch, yuusa yuus et f’ daa enjineyas’ stor, wan ohfis en wan grien stor.  Dem bin yuus tek dem stor iin thruu dors iin daa northan worl, longf’ wan laaj hois.  Daa loewa flor haed mor ohfises en wan ruum f’ dem iit.

Wieh yuus et iin daa Therd Setelment

Iin 1874 Orl Sients Cherch, wich es faaya lorng Kwohleti Roe wos muuvd gen daa Kohmisieriyat Stor, said daa ohrijinl cherch bin busap iin wan storm.  Dem tek wieh daa siiling orn daa mien lewel f’ miek wan big spies.  Dem pat iin wan stien glaas windo. Dem Pitkernas orlsoe pat iin wan porch, wan clok en wan bael iin daa mien bilden, bat dieh s’ gorn.


Wieh yuus et desdieh

Dem stil yuus daa cherch f’ serwises f’ daa Aenglikan Cherch.