ANSON BAY reserve



Anson Bay reserve is on the north-west coast.  It includes a small part of Anson Bay beach, one of the few sandy beaches on the Island.


It occupies 5.5 hectares



The high cliffs show very good examples of Norfolk Island’s geology.  They show dark grey columnar basalt lava, layers of pale yellow volcanic ash and red scoria. 

Why is it important for conservation?

It is very important to protect the coastal cliffs because they are important breeding grounds for seabirds and are the habitat for some of Norfolk’s rarest plants including the Norfolk Island Euphorbia.

Best Bits

  1.   There is a really nice picnic area with barbecues overlooking Anson Bay.  Sometimes you can see turtles swimming in the Bay.

  2.   To get to Anson Bay beach, you have to walk down a grassy walking track.  No vehicles are allowed so you cannot drive down in a car or a motorbike.

  3.   Anson Bay beach is not recommended for swimming because of its openness to the sea and a strong rip.

  4.   As you walk down the track to the beach you can clearly see the cliffs with their impressive vertical columnar basalt overlying volcanic ash (tuff).  This shows the sequence of different lava and ash eruptions when the island was an active volcano 2 – 3 million years ago.

  5.   There is a World War II gun emplacement/observation post on low cliffs near the southern seaward boundary of the reserve which is now badly eroded

  6.    The trees provide breeding sites for White Terns.


Wisaid es

Aensan Bieh riserw es orn dar north-west coast.  Yuus include wun iwi pies o’ Aensan Bieh beach, wun o’dem fuu sandi beach ya orna ailen.


Tek up 5.5 hectares



Dem hai cliff sho de guud egsaempel o’ Norfuk Ailen’s jioloji.  Dem yuusa sho dark grey columnar basalt lava, layers o’ pale yellow volcanic ash ena red scoria. 


Foot es importantun fe conservaashon?  

Es real importantun fe luuk out fe dem coastal cliff said dem es important breeden ground fe seabirds en es daa habitat fe sum o’ Norfuk’s rarest plant includen daa Norfuk Ailen Euphorbia

Bass Piis

  1.   Gut wun real goode piknik siid longfe barbecues looken cross Aensan Bieh.  Sometime yuu el sii de turtle narwien een daa Bieh.

  2.   Fe get gen Aensan Bieh beach, yuu hawa walk down wun graas walken trak.  Yuu caa driw doen iina car ulla motorbike siid dem nor leta wehicles

  3.   Aensan Bieh beach enta saaf un fe narwi een siid ess oopen worter en gut wun rip

  4.   As yuu walk doen daa trak gen daa beach yuu el clearly sii dem cliff longfe dems impressiw wertikal columnar basalt overlyen volcanic sh (tuff).  Deer shoe daa sequence o’ defferent oer lava ena ash erupshons wen daa alien bin ess actiiw wolcano 2 – 3 million years ago.

  5.   Gut wun World War II gun emplaasment/obserwation post orna low cliff gen daa south seaward boundari o’daa reserw but se erode wae badli.

  6.   Dem trees giiwa breeden siid fe dem White Terns.