aunt jemima’s pines


On 15 September 1971 there was a planting of 100 Norfolk Pines to commemorate the 100th birthday of Jemima Robinson. These were planted on the right hand side of the road from the Country Road turnoff to the corner of Pier Street.  Three of the photos were taken on that day.


Plantings were carried out by different community groups including

  1.     Family Members

  2.     Norfolk Island Central School

  3.     Administration Staff

  4.     Churches

  5.     Clubs such as Lions, RSL, Wives & Mothers, Chamber of Commerce.

  6.     Scouts & Guides

  7.     Societies such as Pitcairn Descendants Society, Historical Society

  8.     Council Members




Today, Aunt Jemima’s Pines form a stately avenue of maturing trees.


Orn 15 Septemba 1971 wi plant 100 Nohfuk Pains fe kohmemoriet 100th berthdieh o’ Jemaima Rohbinsan. Dem plant et orn daa rait said o’daa roed fram daa Kantri Roed ternorf t’ daa korna o’ Peya Striit.  Thrii o’ dii foetos tek et orn daa dieh. 

Defrent kohmyuuniti gruups ena salan plant dem trii inkluuden

  1.     Faemli Membas

  2.     Norfuk Ailen Sentral Skuul

  3.     Aedministriehshan Staaf

  4.     Dem Cherch

  5.     Dem Klabs simis dem Laiyans, RSL, Waifs ena Madhas, Chiemba o’ Kohmers.

  6.     Scaut en’ Gaids

  7.     Socaietis simis aa Pitkern Desendants Sosaieti, Histohrical Sosaieti

  8.     Kaunsl  Memba

ieh, Aaant Jemaima’s Pains form

wan stiehtli aewenyu o’ matyuuren trii.