bloody bridge


When was it built?

Bloody Bridge was built in the Second Settlement in the time when Major Anderson was Commandant. 



How did it get its name?

Convicts who were chained together in leg irons and treated very badly built the bridge.  They did not have enough to eat and suffered from illnesses such as dysentery.  There is a story that one day, one of the convicts picked up his pick and drove it through the head of the overseer.

The overseer died and the convicts buried his body in the wall they were building.  When the relieving overseer came back and asked where the other man was, the convicts told him that he had gone for a swim in the sea.

However they were caught out as the blood from the murdered overseer began to ooze out between the mortar that was still wet.


You must remember though, that there is no evidence to support this story, so we do not really know if it ever happened.



Its use today

Today the bridge is still used to drive over the stream on the road from Kingston. 



Wat taim dem bild et?

Dem bild Bladi Brij iin aa Sekan Setelment iin aa taim Mieja Aendasan es Kohmandaant. 



Said get ets niem?

Kohnwikts huu s’ chien et t’gaeda iin’ lieg aiyans en triit et nehsi bild daa brij.  Dem naewa haed naf wetls f’ iit en safa f’ ilneses simes d’ trots.  Gata stori dhaet wan dieh, wan o’dem kohnwikt tek his pik en draiw et thruu daa hied o’daa ohwasiiya.


Daa oewasiiya died en dem kohnwikts beri his bohdi iin aa worl dem was bilden.  Wen daa reliiwen oewarsiiya kam baek en aas said daa taeda mien es, dem kohwikts laan hi se gorn naawi.

Hau aewa dem kech dem aut said dem blad fram daa merdad oewarsiiya begenl liki twiin dem morta said es stil wetan.


Yu haewa rimemba doh, nor gat eni ewidens f’ sapport dieh stori, soe wi nor noe ef aewa haepen.



Wathen yuus et for diissdiehs

Desdieh dem yuus daa brij f’ draiw krors daa striim orn aa roed fram Taun.