Boatsheds and Flaghouses from Pier

When were they built?

The double boatsheds were built in 1841.


Their uses during the First Settlement

These boatsheds did not exist in the First Settlement. During the First settlement no boats were allowed to be built on Norfolk Island.


Their uses during the Second Settlement

Until 1840 the boatshed was at the western end of the Pier Store.  In 1841 a new double boatshed was built to protect the boats and to stop convicts from stealing them.  The boatsheds are built on the ruins of an old barn.  Part of the old barn may have remained from the First Settlement.


Their uses during the Third Settlement

The single boatshed that was built in 1828 as a police and commandant’s office was converted to a boatshed in 1888.


Double Boatsheds

Their uses today

The boatsheds are still used to store the lighters which are the boats used for unloading the supply ships for Norfolk Island.





Boetsheds en’ flaeghaus fram daa Peya

Wat taim dem bild et?

Dem bild daa dabl boetshed iin 1841.


Wieh yuus et iin daa Fas Setelment

Dem naewa haed dii boetsheds iin daa Fas Setelment. Dyuuren daa Fas Setelment dem naewa let eni boet bild et orn Norfuk Ailen.


Wieh yuus et iin daa Sekan Setelment

Tal se 1840 daa boetshed bin aet aa wes en o’daa Peya Stor.  Iin 1841 dem bild wan nyuu dabl boetshed fe protekt dem boet en stopa kohnwikts snichen et.  Dem boetshed se bild et orn dem ruuins fe wan oel baan.  Paat o’ daa oel baan mait bii bin dieh sens daa Fas Setelment.


Dabl Boetsheds ena Flaeghaus

Wieh yuus et iin daa Therd Setelment

Dem bild daa singl boetshed iin 1828 aes wan pohliis ena Kohmandaant’s ohfis. Dem kohnvert et gen wan boetshed iin 1888.


Wieh yuus et desdieh

Dem stil yuus yuus dem boetshed fe kiip iin dem laitas wathen es dem boet dem yuus’ yuus fe anloeden daa saplai boet f’ Norfuk Ailen.