The range of services

The Broadcasting Service is responsible for all of the radio and television transmissions including Radio Norfolk, all of the ABC radio stations, ABC television, Imparja television, Central 7 television and SBS television. Norfolk Island Administration provides a lot of the money needed to keep the broadcasting service operating.

Radio Norfolk (VL2NI)

Radio Norfolk provides information as well as being a major source of entertainment through the music, news and events it broadcasts. It broadcasts death notices, Legislative Assembly meetings, community news notices and events, political forums, sports events, community shows, religious broadcasts, international news.  Most types of music are played at some time each week.  Some of the broadcasters are paid but many are volunteers who gain valuable training in radio media.  The station has developed from a five minute broadcast when ships or aeroplanes were due, to a 24-hour FM and AM service.  It even broadcasts from an outdoors van at major community events.

Radio Norfolk has a Sponsorship Scheme which funds the station for equipment improvements, music and programs not supplied by the money allocated in the Norfolk Island Administration budget.  A local committee sets the Standards licenses for stations within Norfolk Island.


The Administration of Norfolk Island