bumboras reserve


  View from Bumboras Lookout


Bumbora Reserve is on the southern coast about 1km west of Kingston.


The reserve occupies 5.5 hectares.



The rocks in the reserve are a result of a number of different volcanic eruptions.  The basalt has weathered to form Rooty Hill clays and Rocky Point Creek has eroded a path to the sea.  The rounded hills and steep gullies were formed by running water.

Why is it important for conservation?

The slopes above Bumbora Beach are fairly free of weeds and have open forest with lots of Norfolk Pine on their slopes. We need to rehabilitate native coastal forest.  There are some of the endangered endemic Norfolk Island Euphorbia.  It is important to protect and improve the creek and coastal native vegetation by eradicating woody weeds and reducing erosion and sedimentation.

Best Bits

  1. The native coastal forest with tall Norfolk Island Pines and nesting White Terns

  2. The beautiful bay and coastline with views to Phillip and Nepean Islands and to Kingston.

  3. Bumboras Reserve is a favourite place for surfing and body boarding.

  4. It provides access to rock pools and to Second Sands.

  5. Second Sands is the small sandy beach is around the point to the south of Bumboras.

  6. It provides protected pools for children to swim with supervision. 


Wesaid es

Bumbuuras Reserw es orn daa sauth koes baut 1 km wes o’Taun (Kingstan).


Daa reserw tek ap 5.5 hekteyas.


Dem rok iin daa reserw es fram wan namba o’ deferent vohlkaenik erapshan.  Dem baesolt se wedha fe form Ruuti Hil kliehs en Roki Point Kriik se eroed wan traek gen daa sii.  Dem raun hil ena stiip gali se form et fe ranen worta.

Fut es important an fe Kohnserviehshan?

Dem sloeps abaw Bambuuras Biich nor gat mach wiid en daa upen fohres gat plenti Norf’k Pain orn dems sloep. Wi haewa riihabilitiet naetiw koestl fohres.  Ya gat sam o’dem endiehnjad endemik Norf’k Ailen Yuuforbiya (Euphorbia).  Es important an fe protekt en impruuw daa drien ena koestl nietiw vejetiehshan bai eraedikieten dem wudi wiid en redyuusen eroeshan ena sedimentiehshan.

Baes Piis

  1.   Daa nietiw koestl fohres lorngfe ets torl Norfuk Ailen Pains ena nesten Wait Terns   Daa byuutiful bieh ena Koeslain lorngfe ets vyuu gen Felep en Nepiiyan Ailens en gen Taun.

  2.   Dem smorl saendi biich ena roki shor giw’ protekted puul fe dem letl salan fe naawi iin lorngfe suupawishan. 

  3.   Bambuuras Reserw es wan o’dem fiehvret said fe serf en gu bohdi borden

  4.   El giw aekses gen dem rok puul en gen Sekan Sehn, wan smorl saendi biich raun daa point to daa sauth o’ Bambuuras.