captain cook’s monument



What’s here?

Captain Cook landed near here in 1774 and claimed Norfolk Island for Britain. He reported that the island had tall pine trees which would be suitable for use as masts.  Sailing ships needed to carry spare masts because they were often broken during heavy storms.  Captain Cook also thought the native flax could be used to make linen for sails.



                    Looking west from the lookout


Why is it important?

  1. Cook’s landing place is important in the history of Norfolk Island because it commemorates Norfolk Island’s discovery by Europeans.  During the late 1700s, France and Great Britain were trying to find new, undiscovered land in the Southern Hemisphere.

  2. Captain Cook made favourable reports about Norfolk Island to the British Parliament and king, so they decided to send convicts here in 1788. 

  3. Norfolk Island celebrates the arrival of the convicts on 6th March every year.  Without Captain Cook, the colony would not have been established.


  Moo-oo Stone

What can you do here?

The scenery from Captain Cook’s monument is spectacular.  You get a very good view of the offshore islets from here.

  1. The viewing platform lets you get close to the cliff edge safely. 

  2. The picnic area is ideal for large or small groups to have picnics and parties.

  3. Walking tracks to Bird Rock, Mt Pitt, Mt Bates, Red Road and Palm Glen leave from near the viewing platform.

Kaeptan Kuks Mohnyument


  Luken wes fram aa lukaut

Wathen ya?

Captain Cook laen neya ya iin 1774 en klaim Norfuk Aien f’ Britan.  Hi laan daa Ailen gata torl pain trii wathen dem el yuus f’ maas.  Siehlen shep niid f’ tek’ speya maas said samtaim el brek iina hewi storm.  Kaeptan Kuk orlsoe thort dem niehtiv flaeks el yuus et f’ mieka linen f’ dem siehl.


Fut es important an?

  1. Cook’s laenden said es important iina histori o’ Norfuk Ailen said Komemorieht Norfuk Ailen’s diskavri bai dem Yuurapiiyans.  Iin d’ liet 1700s, Fraans en Griet Britan wos trainen f’ fain nyuu, andiskavad laen iin daa Sathan Hemisfeya.

  2. Kaepten Kuk mieka fiehvrabl reports orn Norfuk Ailen t’ daa British Paarlament en king, soe dem desaid f’ sen dem kohnvicts ya iin 1788. 

  3. Norfuk Ailen yuusa selebrieht daa araival o’ dem kohnvict orna 6th Maach everi yia.  Uni nor gat Kaeptan Kuk, daa kohloni nor gwena bii s’ estaeblish et.


Wathen yuu el duu ya?        

  1. Dem siinari fram Kaeptan Kuks mohnyament es spektakula wan.  Yu el get wan veri gud vyuu o dem orfshor ailets fram ya.

  2. Daa vyuuen plaetform el let yuu cloes gen daa clefs iej siefli. 

  3. Daa piknik said es gudan f’ big ala smorl gruup o salan f’ haewa piknik ena paatis.

  4. Worken treaks gen Berd Rok, Mt Pit, Mt Biets, Red Roed en Paam Glen liiw fram gen dem vyuuwen plaetform.

Mu’uu stoen