cemetery reserve




Cemetery Reserve is in the Kingston and Arthur’s Vale Historic Area on the south coast.


The reserve occupies 2.2 hectares of land


Cemetery Reserve is on fairly flat land between Cemetery Beach and the higher land behind Quality Row.  There are sand dunes behind the beach.  Underneath the dunes and

parts of the reserve there is a layer of peat which is the fossilised remains of a swamp that was there about 6,000 years ago.  There are lots of fossilised bones of seabirds and shells in that layer.

Why is it important for conservation?

Cemetery Reserve has been used continually as a graveyard since 1825.  There are some headstones from the First Settlement and the oldest known grave is from 1793.  One headstone may date back to 1790.  It is one of Norfolk Island’s most important historic sites.

Best Bits –

PLEASE - Always remember that people visit the graves to pay their respects to family and friends who are buried there so be quiet and don’t run around

  1.     Quietly walk through the graveyard and read the headstones

  2.     Locate the headstones of people who have been important in Norfolk’s history

  3.     Walk down outside the picket fence to Cemetery Beach



Said Es

Semetri Riserw es iin daa Kingstan en Aatha’s Viel Histohrik Iehriya (KAVHA) orn daa sauth koes.


Daa riserw tek ap 2.2 hekteyas o’ laen


Semeteri Riserw es orna kwait’ flaet graun twiin Semetri Biich en aa haiya laen hind Kwohleti Roe. Hiin daa biich gata sehn dyuuns.  Anda dem dyuun ena paat o’ daa reserw gat wan liehya o’ piit wathen es dem fohsilais remiens o’wan swohmp bin deya baut 6,000 yias.  Gat plenti fohsilais boens o’ siiberd ena shael iin daa liehya.

Fuot es importantan fe kohnsaviehshan?

Semetri Riserw bin yuus et sens 1825 fe wan griewyaad.  Gat sam’dem hedstoen fram aa Fas Setelment en daa oeles noen griew es fram 1793.  Wan hedstoen mait gu baek gen 1790.  Dieh es wan o’ Norfuk Ailen’s moes important histohrik said.

Baes Piis

PLIIS – Orlwes rimemba salan yuusa wisit dem griew fe pieh dems respeks gena faemili en friens huu se beri et ya soe yu haewa kwaiet en stiwelaut – du ran’baut.

  1.     Kwaiteli work thruu daa griewyaad en riid dem hedstoen

  2.     Fain dem hedstoen o’ salan huu bin es importantan iin Norfuk’s histri

  3.     Work autsaid daa piket faens  gen Semetri Biich