The Cenotaph is built on War Memorial Reserve in Kingston.  It is a very small reserve that is less than 0.1 hectares in size.

The Cenotaph was built so that we can remember the people from Norfolk Island who went to fight in wars.   Each individual name is written on the stone and if the person died, there is a cross beside it. 

Because there were so few family names on the island, we are made aware of the sacrifice that some families made.

The First World War

In 1914, when the First World War began, there were about 800 people living on the island. Seventy-seven Islanders went overseas to fight.  You can look at the names on the Cenotaph, and see that two of the people who went were women.   Eleven men were killed in the war, and twelve came back wounded.           

The Second World War onwards

Once again, many men went to war. Those who were married or too old became the Norfolk Island Infantry Detachment, ready to defend the island at home, if necessary.  Nine men from the island were killed in the war and one other in the Korean War, which was fought from 1950-1953.


Daa Senotaaf se bild et orn daa Wor Memoriyal Riserw iin Taun.  Es uni iwi  reserw, smorla den 0.1 hekteyas iin sais.

Dem bil daa Senotaaf fe aklan rimemba aklans  Norfuk Ailen salan huu gu wieh fe fait iina wors.   Ewri salans niem se rait orna stoen en ef daa salan died, dem gat wan krohs lorngsaidet. 

Said haed nort mach faemli niem orna Ailen, wi es aweya o d’ saekrifais sam o dem faemli miek.

Daa Fas Werl Wor

Iin 1914, wen daa Fas Werl Wor begen, haed baut 800 salan lewen orna Ailen. Sewenti-sewen Ailandas staat oewasiis fe fait.  Yu el luk orn dem niem orn daa  Senotaaf, en si dhaet tuu o dem salan es gehl.   Lewen mien wos kild iin daa wor, en twelw kam baek se wound et.

Daa Sekan Werl Wor ohnwads

Wans agien, plenti mien gu d’  wor.  Dem huu se maeri ala  tuu oel kam es daa Norfuk Ailen Infantri detaechment, redi fe defend daa ailen aet hoem, ef haewt.  Nain mien fram daa ailem wos kild iin daa wor en wan iin daa Koriiyan Wor, wich dem fait fram 1950-1953.