christian’s mill


The Christian Mill in Mill Road, Cascade is built on the land granted to Reuben Christian when the Pitcairners arrived at Norfolk Island in 1856.  The mill started around 1920 by Reuben’s son George ‘Ned’ Christian. The mill has been operated by a member of the family since then, making it one of the oldest, continuous businesses on the island.


On the death of George ‘Ned’ Christian the mill was given to his brother Ernest to run. Ernie had been working the mill since he was 14 years old.  In the early 1970s, Ernie retired from the mill due to poor health and the mill was handed to his son Howard, who still runs it today. Many Islanders have worked at the mill.


The main source of timber for milling is the Norfolk Island pine.  It is a very versatile timber which is used for construction work, cabinet and furniture making, wood turning and crafts. Small amounts of gum, cedar, silky oak, whitewood and oak are also milled.


The trees that are felled are dead, dying, diseased or a danger to persons and property. A permit from the Administration Forester must be obtained before any pine can be felled as all native trees are protected trees in Norfolk Island.

All logs are taken to the Mill at Cascade for milling. Once milled, the timber can be sent to the Tanalith Plant for treatment against borers and other insects. The treated timber is returned to the Mill for stacking. The mill sells both treated and untreated timber.