civil hospital


Its uses during the First Settlement

A hospital was built during the First settlement but was removed before the settlement was finally abandoned in February 1814.


Back of the hospital showing the privy drain

Its uses during the Second Settlement

From 1831 the Civil Hospital was in operation.  It was extended by 1834 but it was still too small.  It was so overcrowded that the top floor of the Crankmill was used to house extra patients.  Conditions in the hospital were poor and clean water was not available.  Many of the patients died from infectious diseases transmitted through the polluted drinking water.


In 1845 Commandant Childs decided to build a new hospital but it was never built.  By 1855, the Civil Hospital had grown to include 10 rooms, a privy (toilet) which drained into the swamp behind the hospital, a store and a surgery.



        Two views of the hospital ruins

The Third Settlement

It was not used by the Pitcairners. The Pitcairners built their own small cottage hospital.

Its uses today

Today the hospital is a ruin but we can see enough of its structure to understand that it would not have been a pleasant place in which to be sick!





Wieh yuus et iin daa Fas Setelment

Dem bild wan hospetl iin daa Fas Setelment bat dem destroi et for dem abaendan daa setelment iin Febyuweri 1814.

Baek o’daa  hospetl shoewen daa  privi drien

Wieh yuus et iin daa Sekan Setelment

Daa Sivil Hospetl bin ran fram 1831.  Dem eksten et bai 1834 bat es stil tuu iwi.  Se daa jaam up dem bin haewa yuus daa top flor o’daa  Kraenkmil fe pat iin mor piehshants.  Kohndishans iin aa hospetl kaa duu en dem uni haewa hui hui worta.  Plenti dem pieshans died fram infekshas disiis s’ traensmit et thruu dem hui hui drinken worta.

Iin 1845 Kohmandant Chails desaid hi gwen bil wan dem nyuu hospetl bat dem naewa.  Bai 1855, daa Sivil Hospetl se groe fe gat 10 ruums, wan klohset wathen drien iin aa swomp hain daa hospetl, wan stor ena serjeri.



Tuu vyuu o’dem hospetl ruuen


Daa Therd Setelment

Dem Pitkernas naewa yuus et.  Dem bild dems oen iwi kotaj hospetl.


Wieh yuus et desdieh

Daa hospetl desdieh daa es ruuen bat wi el sii wieh bin iin aa strakcha naf fe wi noe wudent bii es gud said fe sor!