colonial cemetery


Its uses during the First Settlement

There was a cemetery at Emily Bay during the First settlement but many people were buried in other places on the island, including along roadsides and in a small cemetery at Phillipsburg (on the hill near Cascade).  Some of the early headstones are in the current cemetery but it is not known whether they were moved there or mark actual graves.  The Cemetery officially began to be used in 1811 but few graves remain from the First settlement.  Two of the oldest are those of Thomas Headington, a First Fleet convict (1798) and a whaling captain, George Hale (1801)

The four hexagonal gate pillars

Its uses during the Second Settlement

All Colonial era graves are located in the area towards the beach, after you pass through the four hexagonal gate posts. Many of the headstones tell of how the person died.  This information is common in the Colonial era  cemetery but is not usually recorded on headstones in Australia.


Some unmarked graves are in Murderer’s Mound, located just outside the cemetery fence near the beach.

Looking towards the Third Settlement Cemetery

Its uses during the Third Settlement and today.

The cemetery is still in use today.  The graves of the Pitcairn and Norfolk families and other more recent graves are located in the section closer to the entrance. 


Wieh yuus et iin daa Fas Setelment

Haed wan semetri aet Emli Bieh iin daa Fas Setelment bat plenti salan se beri iina tada said orna ailen, inkluuden lornga roedsaid en iin wan smorl semetri aet Felapsberg (orn daa hil gen Kaaskied).  Sam o’ dem erli hiedstoen es iin daa karent semetri bat wi danoe sef dem bin muuw et deya ala wedha dem maak aektyl griew.  Daa Semetri ohfishli begena yuus et iin 1811 bat fyuu griew es stil ya fram daa Fas Setelment.  Tuu o’dem oeles es dem fe Tohmas Hedingtan, wan Fas Fliit kohnvik (1798) en wan wielen kaeptan, Jorj Hiel (1801)

Dem for heksaegnl giet pilas

Wieh yuus et iin daa Sekan Setelment

Orl Kohloeniyl era griew yu el fain iin daa said gen daa biich, aafta yu se paas thruu dem for heksaegnl giet poes. Plenti dem hiedstoen laan wieh daa salan died.  Dii infamiehsan es kohman an inn daa Kohloeniyl era  bat nort orn plenti dem hiedstoen iin Ohstrielya.

Yu el fain sam anmaakt griews iin Merdra’s Maun, jes krors daa semetri faens gen daa biich.

Dem for heksaegnl giet pilas

Wieh yuus et iin daa Therd Setelment en desdieh

Dem stil yuus daa semetri desdieh.  Yu el fain dem griew fe dem Pitkern ena Norfuk salan en tada mor riisent griew iin daa said kloesa gen daa giet.