commissariat store


Its use during the Second Settlement

This building was built to replace the two commissariats that had been near the waterfront, and it was built in 1835.  The stores near the pier had been damaged in a big flood and Colonel Anderson knew that he had to keep the stores safe. The building has three storeys, with a basement at ground level.

Its use today

The second and lower main floors are now the All Saints Church, the top floor holds archives and the basement is now the Commissariat Store Museum.

Many of the items on show are of archaeological interest, showing the four settlements of Norfolk Island, from the Polynesian settlement to the present day and there is much of interest to see.

Norfolk Island has a long and interesting history and we are still finding items that show the way of life that people led.  The everyday items that people used in their homes tell the historians a great deal about the way they adapted to life on the island, as they often had to make items that they could not just buy in the shops.  The settlers also brought with them many beautiful, precious or useful things that they needed.  When they came to the island many of them knew that they would be here for a long time as travel was difficult.  


An interesting exhibit of an early grave. Mary Brabyn was buried in the first graveyard in Emily Bay. Her headstone was uncovered when sands shifted after a storm.


                        Exhibits in the Museum


Wieh yuus et iin daa Sekan Setelment

Dieh bilden se bild et fe replies dem tuu Kohmisiehriyats bin yuss’ gat gen daa wortafrant, en se bild et iin 1835.  Dem stors gen daa peya bin daemaj et iin wan big flad en Kernl Aedarsan noe hi haewa kiip dem stor sief. Dieh bilden gat thrii storis, en wan biesment orn’ graun lewel.

Wieh yuus et desdieh

Dem sekan ena loewa mien flor es nau daa Orl Sients Cherch, daa top flor hoela aakaiw en aa biesment es nau daa Kohmisiehriyat Stor Myuusiiam.

Plenti dem thing orn shoe es o aakiiolojikl intres, shoewen dem for setlment o Norfuk Ailen, fram daa Pohliniishan setelment t’ desdieh en gat plenti intresten thing fe sii.

Norfuk Ailen gat wan lorng ena intresten histori en wi stil fainen a thing fe laan wieh salan bin yuus’ lew.  Dem ewri dieh thing salan yuus iin dems hoem laana historiyans plenti baut daa wieh dem adaept gen lewen orn dii ailen, aes dem bin haewa mek plenti thing said yu kaa jes bai et iina shop.  Dem setlas orlsoe bring lorngfe dem plenti byuutiful, preshas ala haendi thing dem gwen’ niid.  Wen dem kam ya plenti o dem noe dem gwen bii ya wan lorng taim said es haad an fe traewel. 

Dem eksibet iin daa myuusiiam


Wan intresten eksibet o’ wan erli griew. Mieri Briehbern se beriet iin daa fas griewyaad iin Emli Bieh. Dem fain hers hedstoen wen dem sehn shef aafta wan storm.