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A Fire Service has been available here on the island for over 50 years. The role of the Fire Service is to provide a fire, rescue and community safety service to the community to the Airport here on the Island.  Our staff is committed to making our island a safer and better place to live.   The Fire Station is located at the Norfolk Island Airport next to the passenger terminal. A new Fire station is being built.


What does a N.I. Firefighter do?

A Norfolk Island Firefighter fights fires in buildings, houses and bush areas and also provides fire fighting, rescue and first-aid services for aircraft passengers and crew at the local Airport.

Firefighters also provide information and advice on fire safety and assist in educating the community about fire fighting and safety.


Why do N.I. Firefighters wear those funny clothes?

A firefighter wears these special clothes as protection from the heat of the fire and to allow them to breathe safely while they work to put out fires and rescue victims. The clothes also have reflective striping to make the firefighter more visible in the dark or through the smoke. A firefighter also wears special breathing gear with a positive pressure mask that keeps contaminants out by keeping air flowing continuously, even when the wearer is not inhaling.

What Fire Trucks does the N.I. Fire Service have?

The Fire Service has six vehicles:

Two Airport Ultra Large Fire Vehicles (Yellow)

Two Rural Fire trucks (Red)

Two General Utility Vehicles 


How many Staff work for the Fire Service?

Currently, the Fire Service has an Emergency Services Co-ordinator, a Fire Officer, 4 fulltime and 5 part time fire-fighters.

Safety from fire

Good Fires / Bad Fires

Fire is a normal part of our lives, but there is a difference between good and bad fires.

  1.     Good fires are fires such as candles on birthday cakes, BBQs and camp fires.

  2.     Bad fires include house fires, bush fires and children playing with fire.

  3.     Sometimes good fires can turn bad if there's not an adult around. Make sure you never play with fire and if you find matches or lighters always give them to an adult.

Firefighters are your friends - don't be afraid of them.

When firefighters are wearing their fire clothes, called turnout gear, they look very big. They also have masks over their faces that make them look and sound frightening. They have to wear this gear to protect them from the fire so don't be afraid of them - they are there to help you.

If you get caught in a fire, it's important that you don't hide from the firefighters - let them know where you are.

What do you do in a fire emergency? It's cool to know about 955

The number to call in an emergency is 9-5-5 but remember not to call unless it's a real emergency.

In a real emergency, such as a fire, this is what will happen if you call 955:

  1.     A member of the Fire Service will answer

  2.     You will then be asked for the address of the fire - including the house number and road name,

  3.     Tell the firefighter if you think anyone is hurt or trapped

  4.     Wait for the firefighter to hang up before you do

  5.     Get out of the house and wait for the firefighters to arrive

Get Down Low and Go Go Go

If your house is smoky from a fire, you will find it hard to see and breath and you will start coughing and choking.

Because smoke rises to the ceiling, the best thing to do is GET DOWN LOW AND GO GO GO - crawl along the ground to the nearest way out and make sure you have a meeting place outside to meet your family.

Wait outside for firefighters to arrive - never go back inside a burning house.

Stop Drop & Roll

If your clothes catch on fire, don't try to run away - this will only make the fire burn hotter and faster. Instead:

  1.     STOP immediately where you are

  2.     DROP quickly to ground and cover your face with your hands

  3.     ROLL over and over to put out the flames


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