norfolk island fisheries


Australia exercises territorial control over Norfolk Island’s surrounding 200 nautical mile exclusive economic zone. The Fisheries in this area consist of an inshore shelf, an upper slope fishery and an offshore deepwater fishery. Australian fishery licenses have previously been issued but at this time there is no current commercial licensing, within the Norfolk Island Fishery Area, known locally as “the Box”. Australia is currently reconsidering its approach to the development of an exploratory fishery in the Norfolk Island Offshore Demersal Finfish Fishery.

Putting a boat in at Cascade to go fishing

The local fishing industry

There is a high demand for quality fish by residents and tourists alike.  Fish are supplied to restaurants and for sale by local fishermen.  All the fish is caught by line, they are not caught in nets.  This helps to keep the local fishing industry sustainable.  Fishing can only take place when the seas are suitable so fishing only takes place on about 2/3 of the days in a year.  Tourists can book a place on one of the fishing vessels and go out to help with the catch.  This is a very popular activity when the weather is suitable.

Filleting the catch