flagstaff hill



Its uses during the First, Second and Third Settlements

Flagstaff Hill was used as a signalling point during the First Settlement.  Flags of different colours advised ships where it was safe to unload.  A red flag meant to unload at Cascade.  A blue flag signalled that Kingston was safe.  A white flag said that it was unsafe to unload at either pier.  Secret signal flags were also used to advise vessels that the military were in control of the island and that there had not been a convict mutiny.  The flag combinations used for the secret signals changed frequently so the convicts could not predict what to fly if they took over the colony.  Flagstaff Hill also protected the farms in Arthur’s Vale from strong southerly winds. The flagstaff was beside the main road to the Longridge settlement.


From “The Archeological Survey of Kingston and Arthur’s Vale” Dept of Housing and Construction 1983

Its uses today

Today, Flagstaff Hill is a popular lookout over the Kingston area. 




Wieh yuus et iin dem Fas, Sekan ena Therd Setelment

Dem yuus Flaegstaaf Hil f’ wan signalen point iin daa Fas Setelment.  Deferent kala flaeg laana dem shep said es sief f’ anloed.  Wan red flaeg laan f’ anloed aet Kaaskied.  Wan bluu flaeg laan Taun es sief.  Wan wait flaeg laan kaa duu f’ anloed boeth said.  Dem orlsoe bin yuus siikret signl flaegs f’ laan daa  militiehri es iin kohntroel o’daa ailen en bin gat wan kohnwikt myuuteni.  Dem flaeg kohmbinieshans dem yuus f’ dem siikret signls bin yuus’ chienj plenti soe dem kohnwikts naewa noe wathen fe flai ef dem se tek or daa kohloni.  Flaegstaaf Hil orlsoe bin proteckt dem faam iin Aatha’s Viel fram’ strorng sathali win.  Daa flaegstaef es said daa mien roed gu gen daa Lorngrij setlement.


Wieh yuus et desdieh

Desdieh, Flaegstaaf Hil es popyula wan fe luuk or Taun ena ieriya.