Government house


When was it built?

The Norfolk Island Government House is one of the earliest Government House buildings in Australia. The first and second Government Houses were built near Kingston Pier at a spot known as the Landing Place.  In 1803 it was decided to build another on Doves Plot at Chimney Hill, which is where Government House is now.  The house was deliberately burned down in 1814 at the end of the First Settlement.


During the Second Settlement the new Commandant needed a house, so building started in 1828.  It was finished in 1829, but  verandahs were added in 1833.


How big is it?

Government House is now very big, about 1000 square metres, and it is very strongly built.  Rooms have been added to it over the years. The builders built it to be able to survive an attack from convicts and the walls are 60 centimetres thick.  Iron bars and strong shutters protected the windows and cannons guarded the entrance.


The house used to have stables which are now used as garages.  There was also a piggery, a dairy and a chicken house, which have since gone. 


Third Settlement Occupants

When the Pitcairners came to Norfolk Island, the house was empty and it began to fall down.  The islanders began to repair the house and George Hunn Nobbs moved in.  At one time it was used as a school, at another as the doctor’s house.


In 1896 the Chief Magistrate lived in the house and it was not until 1913 that the first Administrator used it as a residence.


Its use today

The Administrator still has Government House as his home and it is also used for official dinners and as a place where important visitors to the island can stay. 


Open Days are held in Government House to raise money for charities and visitors to the island like to visit.



Wat taim dem bild et?

Daa Norfuk Ailen Gawament Haus es wan o’dem erlies Gawament Haus bildens iin Ostrielya. Dem bild em fas en sekan Gawament Haus gen daa Taun Pieya aet wan said dem korl daa Laenden Plies.  Iin 1803 de desaid fe bild naeda wan orn Daws Plot aet Chimne Hil, wesaid Gawament Haus es nau.  Dieh haus wos delibratli ban daun iin 1814 aet daa en fe daa Fas Setelment.


Dyuuren daa Sekan Setelment daa nyuu Kohmandaant niid wan haus, soe dem begen dii bilden iin 1828.  Dem dan et iin 1829, bat dem naewa pat orn dem raenda tal se 1833.


Hau big es?

Gawament Haus ent daa big, uni baut 1000 skweya miitas, en se bild et strorng.  Dem bin pat orn mor ruums oewa dem yias. Dem bildas bildet fe bi el savaiw wan ataek fram kohnwiks en dem worls es 60 sentimiitas thik.  Aiyan baas ena strorng shata protekt dem windos ena kaenans gaad daa entrans.


Daa haus bin yuus gata stiebls wesaid dem nau yuus fe gaerajes.  Dieh orlsoe bin gat wan pigari, wan diehri en wan faul ran, bat dem se gorn. 


Therd Setelment Okyuupants

Wen dem Pitkernas kam uya t’ Norfuk Ailen, daa haus es empti en begin’ forl daun.  Dem ailendas begin’ repeya daa haus en Jorj Han Nohbs muuw iin.  Wan taim bin yuus et fe wan skuul, en naeda taim es daa doktas’ haus.


Iin 1896 daa Chiif Maekistriet lew iin daa haus en ent tal 1913 daet daa fas Aedministrieta yuus et fe lew iin.


Wieh yuus et desdieh

Daa Aedministriehta stil haew Gawament Haus aes his hoem en dem orlsoe yuus’ yuus et f’ ohfishl denas en wan said f’ important weseta t’ daa alien f’ el stohp. 

Oben Diehs es held iin Gawament Haus fe rais mani fe chaeritis en dem wisita gen daa alien laik fe wis