norfolk Green parrot  Cyanoramphus cookii



About the green parrot

Norfolk Island is the only place in the world you will find this green parrot.  A close relative which is similar in appearance is found in New Zealand. There are only about 200 of them left so it is vital that they are protected.  They live in the areas of native forest and nest in old hollow trees, especially native ironwoods.  They feed on the ground, scratching in the leaf litter but at times, large groups will go to feed in orchards. 


The Norfolk Green Parrot became critically endangered because their habitat was damaged and destroyed, they were preyed upon by cats and rats and they had to compete with the introduced red parrot. 


What is being done to protect the Norfolk Island green parrot?

National park find wild nesting sites and then protect them from rain and predators.  Sometimes

they make extra nesting sites for the parrots and manage these to make sure they are safe for the green parrots to nest in.  This is designed to ensure that all the pairs can breed. 

Rangers and other park staff also spend lots of time controlling rats and cats in the park to stop them predating on the green parrots. 

Rangers and volunteers are planting trees to increase parrot habitat and are controlling weeds to help the forest regenerate.


The future

The number of Norfolk Island green parrots has increased from only about 15 birds in 1986 to about 160 in 2008.  The park will continue to work to increase the number of parrots and may try to establish a population on Phillip Island which does not have rats or cats.




Norfuk Griin Paerat    Cyanoramphus cookii


Abaut daa griin paerat

Norfuk Ailen es daa uni said iina werl yu el fain dieh griin paerat.  Wan kloes reliehsan wathen luk simes es faun iin Nyuu Ziilan. Uni gat baut 200 o dem laef soe es vaitl thaet dem es protekted.  Dem lew iina ihriyas o  nietiv fohres en nest iina oel hohlo trii, speshali em nietiv aiyanwud.  Dem fiid orna graun, skreachen iina liif lita bat samtaim’ laaj gruup’ dem el gu fiid iina orchads. 


Daa Norfuk Griinn Paerat kam es kritikali endiehnjad said dems haebitaet s’ daemej et en basetap, dem yuusa bii prieh’d orn bai dem keht ena raet en said dem bin haewa kompiit longf’ dem introjuust red paerat. 


Wathen bii’en dan f’ protekt daa Norfuk Ailen Griin Paerat?

National parks yuusa fain em wail nesten sait en yuusa proteckt dem fram’ rien ena predetas.  Samtaim dem yuusa mieka ekstra nesten sait f’ dem paerat en luk aut f’ dii f’ miek shua dem es sief f’ daa green paerat nes iin.  Dieh s’ desain et f’ miek shua orl dem peyas el briid. 

Rienjas ena taeda paak staaf orlsoe spen plenti taim konteolen’ raet ena keht iin daa paak f’ stohp dem predieten orn dem griin paerat. 

Rienjass ena vohlanteyas es planten’ triis f’ incriis paerat haebitaet en es kohntroelen’  wiids f’ haelp daa fohres riijeneriet.


Daa fyuucha

D’ namba of Norfuk Ailen griin paerat s’ inkriis fram uni baut 15 berd iin 1986 t’ baut 160 iin 2008.  Daa paak gwen kontinyu f’ werk f’ inkriiss daa namba o  paerats en mait trai f’ estaeblish wan popyulieshan orn Felep Ailen said nor gata raet ala keht.