headstone monument

  Dedicated to the memory of Henry Warnham and Peter Heffernan

On 1st October 1850, three young soldiers of the 99th Regiment drowned when they were swept off Rope Rock whilst fishing. The bodies of two of the soldiers were never recovered prompting their comrades to erect a memorial on the headland above the spot where they drowned. The third soldier, Charles Turner, was buried in the cemetery at Kingston where a headstone was erected to his memory.

Private Henry Warnham

Private Henry Warnham, aged 26, was born in Lambourn, Berkshire, England in 1824, the son of Thomas and Abigail Warnham.  Henry, like his father and brothers, was an agricultural labourer. He enlisted in the army in June 1842 not long before the 99th Regiment left England for its tour of duty in Australia.

Private Peter Heffernan

Private Peter Heffernan, aged 22, was born in Cork, Ireland in 1828. He stated his trade as a plasterer when he enlisted in October 1846 at the age of 18. His brother Thomas Heffernan of Cove, County Cork was recorded as his next of kin.

Charles Turner

Private Charles Turner, aged 20, was born in Leamington, Warwickshire in 1830. A blacksmith by trade, he enlisted in July 1848 at the age of 18 and had served in the army for only two years when he drowned in October 1850.  His sister Mary Turner of Leamington was listed as his next of kin.

The 99th (Lanarkshire) Regiment of Foot arrived in Australia in 1843. A detachment from the regiment was stationed on Norfolk Island with other contingents serving in New South Wales, Van Diemen’s Land, Victoria and New Zealand at various times until 1856 when the regiment left Australia.



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Hedstoen Memoriyal

Wan memoriyal se dedicaet et t’ Henri Wornam en Piita Hefanen

Orn 1st Oktoeba 1850 thrii yang soeljas o’daa 99th Rejiment draun wen dem get swept orf’ Roep Rok wen dem fishen.  Dem naewa fain dem bohdi fe tuu o’dem soeljas prohmten dems komraeds fe pat ap wan memoriyal orn daa hedlaen abauw daa spot said dem draun. Daa therd soelja, Chaals Terna, dem beri iin daa semeteri daun’taun wesaid dem pat wan hedstoen iin his memri.

Praiwet Henri Wornam

Praiwet Henri Wornam, iejd 26, wos born iin Laemborn, Berkshaiya, Inglan iin 1824, daa san o’ Tohmas en Aebigiel Wornam. Henri, simis his faadha ena bradhas, wos wan aegrikalchrl liebra. Hu enlist iin daa aarmi iin Jyuun 1842 nor daa lorng for daa 99th Rejimant liiw Inglan fe ets tua o’ dyuuti iin Ostrielya.

Praiwet Piita Hefanan

Praiwet Piita Hefanan, iejd 22, born et iin Kork, Airlend iin 1828.  Hi staata werk aes wan plaastra wen hi enlist iin Oktoeba 1846 wen hi uni 18.  His bradha Tohmas Hefanan o’ Koev, Kaunti Kork se listet fe his neks o’ kin.

Praiwet Chaals Terna

Praiwet Chaals Terna, aejd 20, born et iin Liimingtan, Worwikshaiya, Inglan iin 1830. His jorb es blaeksmith en hi enlist iin July 1848 wen hi ini 18 en bin serw iin daa aami fe uni tuu yias wen hi draun iin Oktoeba 1850.  His sesta Miehri Terna o’ Liimingtan se list et aes his neks o’ kin.

Daa 99th (Lanaakshaiya) Rejimant o’ Fut araiw iin Ostrielya iin 1843. Wan detaechment fram daa rejimant es stiehsand orn Norfuk Ailen longfe taeda Kontinjents serwen iin Nyuu Sauth Wiels, Vaen Diiman’s Laen, Wiktoriya en Nyuu Siilan aet taeda taims tal 1856 wen daa rejimant liiw Ostrielya.