ISlands off captain cook’s monument


There are four main islands you can see when you look to the east (to your right) from the viewing platform at Captain Cook’s Monument.  The small islands to your left do not have official names.  All the islands are made of basalt rock.  They are not a part of the national park.

  Islands off Captain Cook’s Monument

The eastern islands are:

  1.     Moo-oo Stone This island was named after the moo-oo grass ( Cyperus lucidus) found on the islet.

  2.     Green Pool Stone This island has a permanent pool on its top.  The water in the pool is always green.

  3.     Cathedral Rock The basalt that makes up Cathedral Rock cooled into columns.  There is a hole right through the bottom of Cathedral Rock. You can watch the waves pass straight through the resulting archway.

  4.     Bird Rock There is a walking track from the Captain Cook Monument that lets you get a good view of Bird Rock.

Many sea birds use the islands as nesting sites.  There are no cats or rats on the offshore islands so the young birds are safer from predation than on the main island.

The Norfolk Island Gecko is a lizard which is now extinct on Norfolk Island but is living on Moo-oo Stone, Green Pool and Bird Rock as well as Phillip Island.


Gat for mien ailen yu el si wen yu luk gen daa iist (orn yus rait) fram daa vyuuen plaetform aet Caeptan Kuks Mohnmyment.  Dem smorl ailen t’ yus laef nor gata ohfishal niem.  Orl dem ailen s’ miek et f’ baesolt rok.  Dem enta paat o daa naeshnal paak.

  Ailens orf Caeptan Kuks Mohnyument

Dem iistan aliens es:

  1. Mu’uu Stoen Dieh ailen s’ niemet f’ dem mu’uu graes el fainet orn daa ailet.

  2. Griin Puul Stoen Dieh alien gata permanent puul orna top.  Dem worta iina puul es orlwes griinan.

  3. Kathiidral Rok D’ baesolt miek ap Kathiidral Rok kuul iina kohlams.  Dii gat wan hoel rait thruu daa bohtam fe Kathiidral Rok. Yu el wohch dem saf paas rait thruu d’ resohlten aachwieh.

  4. Berd Rok Gat wan worken traek fram Kaeptan Kuk Mohnyament thaet yu el get wan gud vyuu o Berd Rok.

Plenti sii berd yus dem ailen f’ nesten siat.  Nor gat eni keht ala raet orn dem orfshor ailen soe dem yang berd siefa fram predieshan den orn daa mien ailen.

Daa Norfuk Ailen Geko es wan lisad wich es nau ekstinkt orn Norfuk Ailen bat es lewen orn daa Mu’uu Stoen, Griin Puul en Berd Rok en orn Felep Ailen.