kingston pier



When was it built?

Work began on the pier in 1839 under the supervision of the Royal Engineer, Lieutenant Lugard.  Building finished in 1849 but it was never completed to its original design.  Much of the work was done by convicts who had committed additional offences on Norfolk Island.  They often worked up to their waists in seawater, wearing heavy chains weighing up to 16kgs.  They quarried rock from underwater and broke it up for use



Curved pier showing reflection of waves

Its uses during the First Settlement

During the First Settlement, landings occurred to the west of the current pier.


Its uses during the Second Settlement

It was built during the Second Settlement to give improved conditions for landing things on the island.  Its curved shape was designed to reduce the strength of the waves.  As waves hit the pier, they are reflected off at 90o, losing much of their energy.


Its uses during the Third Settlement

The Pitcairners landed on the pier on the 8th June 1856.  It continued to be used as the main pier.


Unloading the Norfolk Guardian at the Kingston Pier

Its uses today

The pier has been repaired regularly but it still is the same size and shape it was when it was completed. 


The davit on the pier lifts fishing boats in and out of the water.


It is still used today for landing things that come to Norfolk Island by boat.  It is one of the two sites that fishing boats leave from and is also a popular fishing spot for anglers.





Wat taim dem bild et?

Dem begin a werk orn daa peya iin 1839 anda daa suupawishan o daa Royal Enjineya, Lieutenant Lugard.  Bilden dan iin 1849 bat it wos naewa dan t’ its orijinal desain.  Mus orl dem werk s’ duu et bai cohnviks huu bin komit ekstra ohfenses iin Norfuk Ailen.  Uli dem bin  werk ap t’ dems wies iin a siiworta, gat orna  hewi chien wiehen ap t’ 16kgs.  Dem kwori daa rok fram ada daa worta en brek et ap f’ dem yuus.


Daa kervd peya shoe’en wieh dem wiev reflekt

Wathen dem yuys et for iin daa Fas Setelment?

Iin daa Fas Setelment, dem bin yuusa laen orn daa wes said o weya daa peya es nau.


Wathen dem yuus et for iin daa Sekan Setelment?

Dem bild et iin daa Sekan Setelment f’ giw baeta kohndishans f’ laen a things orna ailen.  Daa kervd shiep wos desaind f’ kat daun orn d’ strength o dem wievs.  Wen dem wiev het daa peya, dem es reflekted orf aet 90o, en lors mus orl dems enaji.

Wathen dem yuus et for iin daa Therd Setelment?

Dem Pitcairners laen orn daa peya orn  8th Jyuun 1856.  Dem yuus et aes daa mien peya.


Unloading  daa shep at daa Taun Pier

Wieh dem yuus et desdieh

Daa peya bin repeyaret regyulali bat nor s’ chienj fram daa taim dem bild et.


Daa davit orn daa peya  yuusa lef dem fishen boet  iin en aut a worta.


Wi stil yuus et desdieh f’ laen a thing thaet kam gen Norfuk Ailen bai boet. Es wan o dem tuu sait dem fishen boet liiw fram en es wan popyula fishen said f’ aenglas.