kingston recreational reserve



Kingston Recreation Reserve is in the Kingston and Arthur’s Vale Historic Area on the south coast.

NICS Cross Country Run


The reserve occupies 4.6 hectares of land.



Underneath parts of the reserve there is a layer of peat which is the fossilised remains of a swamp that was there about 6,000 years ago.  There are lots of fossilised pine trees, pine branches and other plant material in that layer.  In the First Settlement, the swamp that covered most of what is now called Kingston Common was drained and the plant communities were cleared.  The coastline contains large amounts of calcarenite and limestone.  The sand on the beach is coral sand, containing mainly broken shell and corals.

Why is it important for conservation?

The Kingston Recreation Reserve contains significant remains of the Second Settlement.  These include No 11 Quality Row and the foundations of the Lumber Yard.  No 11 Quality Row is an outstanding example of a Georgian bungalow.  It used to be the Roman Catholic Clergyman’s residence.  Cricket has been played on the reserve almost every year since the late 1800s and is still played there.

Best Bits

  1.     Watch or play cricket

  2.     Take part in or watch the Norfolk Island Central School’s Annual Fun Run

  3.     Identify birds in the area



Said Es

Taun Rekri’ieshan Riserw es iin daa Kingstan en Aatha’s Viel Histohric Ieriya (KAVHA) orn daa sauth koes. 

NICS Cross Country Run


Dieh riserw tek ap 4.6 hekteyas o’ laen.


Anda sam o’ daa riserw gat wan lieya o’ piit wathen es dem fohsilaist remiens o’ wan swohmp bin deya baut 6,000 yias agoe.  Gat plenti fohsilaist pain trii, pain lem en tada plaant matieriyal iin daa lieya.  Iin daa Fas Setelment, daa swohmp bin yuusa kawa mus orl dem nau korl Taun Kohman en dem drien et aut en dem tek wieh dem plaant.  Daa koeslain gat plento o’  kaelkaerenait ena laimstoen.  Dem sehn orna biich es kohral sehn, mek et mus orl fe breken shael ena kohral.

Foot es importantan fe kohnsaviehshan?

Daa Taun Rekri’ieshan Rtserw gata signifikant remiens o’ daa Sekan Setelment.  Dii inkluud No 11 Kwohleti Roe en dem faundieshans o’ daa Lamba Yaad.  No 11 Kwohleti Roe es wan autstaenden eksaempl o’ wan Jorgiyan bangaloe.  Bin yuusa bii es daa Roeman Kaetholik Klerjiman’s residens.  Kreket bin plieh et orn daa reserw mus evri yia sens de liet 1800s en stil yuus plieh et deya.

Baes Piis

  1.     Wohch ala plieh kreket

  2.     Tek paat ala wohch daa Norfuk Ailen Sentrl Skuul’s Aenyl Fan Ran

  3.     Aidentifai d’ berd iin daa ieriya