Norfolk island landcare


Norfolk Landcare Group was established to provide assistance in restoring the public reserves to their original natural beauty.

Many years back a study undertaken in 1989 by scientists 'Gilmour and Helman' found that the reserve was badly damaged by over grazing and was full of noxious weeds.  Ten years later in 1998, local environmentalist Naomi Gillett conducted a similar study and found that the reserve was now in serious decline and much of the old growth coastal rainforest had been destroyed.           


The work started three years ago in the Cascade Reserve at Cockpit waterfall area. Landcare members working within the plan of management and assisted by the Australian Government Envirofund, decided to take action to save and restore the forest. Native trees were supplied by Norfolk Forestry, the area was fenced and this was followed by the removal of tons of woody weeds and within just months the recovery was becoming obvious. The seeds that fell from the remaining old growth forest could now regenerate and following good rains in the area the newly planted trees have become well established. There have now been several grants which have enabled us to re-establish forest in a greater area. It’s well worth a visit to have a look to see how wonderful this area now looks.

The Norfolk Landcare Group has done work in many areas of the island including of the restoration of the Headstone Monument access & area through a partnership with Westpac. They have also done plantings of flax and natives at the Chinaman banks (near Lone Pine) and on one of the steep banks of Taylors Rd. Landcare also organises the annual Roadsides Woody Weed Cleanup where teams of residents get in and clean the woody weeds off their roads. This event has run since 2006, has been really well supported by the community and has helped keep our island beautiful.  Landcare would like to thank all its helpers and supporters.