Its uses during the Second Settlement

Planning for a major building program in the Longridge area began in 1839.  The main purpose of Longridge was as an agricultural settlement with the prisoners providing the labour for the farms. A wooden Barracks made up of three buildings was built there under Captain Maconochie as a separate prison to accommodate newly arrived convicts.  All together they held 167 prisoners. There were also all the buildings needed for the large agricultural activities carried out there and numbered around 35.  Some families lived at Longridge.  Among them was the family of Gilbert Robertson, the Superintendant of Agriculture from 1845.  His daughter, Elizabeth wrote a detailed diary about her life there until her death in 1847 which gives detail on the way of life at Longridge.  See Elizabeth Robertson’s Diary Norfolk Island 1845 (ed Merval Hoare).


Its uses during the Third Settlement

When the Pitcairners moved to Norfolk Island from Pitcairn Island in 1856, some of them lived in buildings at Longridge.  Members of the Nobbs family lived in what is now Branka House until World War II.


Its uses today

Much of the Longridge area is now used for farming and houses have been built in the area.  The Arches remain from the Second Settlement buildings at Longridge.  Unfortunately its use and history are unknown. 



Branka House was a ruin and the derelict building has been beautifully restored.



Longrij Agricultural Setelment

Wae yuus et iin daa Secun Setelment

Plannen fe daa major bilding program iin daa Longrij area begin iin 1839.  Daa main perpus fe Longrij ess fe wun agrikultural setelment yuusen dem prisoner fe labour orn em farm. Wun wood Baraks meken up o’ three bildings bild et dair under Captain Maconochie as wun seprat prison fe acomodaet dem new konvikts se arriw.  All togada dem hoel 167 prisoners. Dem also had bout 35 tada bilden fe keep dems farm tools iin.  Sum famili  yuusa lew at Longrij.  Among dem ess daa famili o’ Gilbert Robertson, daa Superintendant o’ Agrikulture from 1845.  His dorter, Elizabeth write wun detailed diari bout hers life dair tul she deard iin 1847 wuthe larn detail orn wae dem lew at Longrij.  See Elizabeth Robertson’s Diary Norfolk Island 1845 (ed Merval Hoare).


Wae yuus et iin daa Third Setelment

Wen dem Pitcairners moow gen Norfuk Ailen from Pitcairn Island iin 1856, sum o’dem lew iin dem bildings out Longrij.  Members o’daa Nobbs family lew iin wuthen we noe corl Branka House tul World War II.


Wae yuus et des dae

Dem yuus plenti o’daa Longrij area noe fe farmen en plenti hous se bild et ya.  Dem Arch es ya from daa Secun Setelment bildings at Longrij.  Unfortunately wi car wuts ets histori ulla wae bin yuus et.  



Branka House bin es wun ruin en daa derelikt bilding bin restor et how goode.