melanesian mission


Back in the 1800s, Christian missionaries went to the islands north of Norfolk Island to teach the people about Jesus.  They would often take the island youths back to New Zealand to train them to be missionaries to work among their own people. The weather in New Zealand was colder than they were used to and they found things there unfamiliar.  The Bishop asked the British Government if they could build a training centre for them on Norfolk Island.  It was called the Melanesian Mission and opened in 1866 with 16 youths.  By 1899 there were 210 students from 20 islands.  The boys and girls were taught about Christianity and were also taught about farming and healthy living. The boys learned about carpentry and other useful skills, while the girls learned to cook and sew.


  Part of Bishops Court today

There were lots of buildings in the Mission area, which covered about 400 hectares. In the 1920s the Melanesian Mission was moved to the Solomon Islands. Some of the buildings were moved to other parts of Norfolk Island, but most of them were dismantled and moved to the Solomon Islands. The ones that remain are the Chapel, the Rectory, and Bishops Court.


The Church of England still owns about 40 hectares of the Mission Lands, on which they keep some cattle. The Pony Club and the Archery Club also use the land for their activities, and the Mutiny on the Bounty Show and the Salty Theatre are also on part of the old Mission land.



Daa Melaniishan Mishan

Baek iin dem 1800s, Krischen mishanris gu gen dem ailen north o’ Norfuk Ailen fe tiich’ salan baut Jiisas.  Plenti taim dem bin teka ailen yang salan baek gen Nyuu Siilan fe trien dem fe bii es mishanris fe el werk lornga dems salan. Daa wedha iin Nyuu Ziilan wos koela den dem se yuust’ en dem fain’ thing deya strienj.  Daa Bishap aasa daa British Gawament si wedha dem el bil wan dem trienen said fe dem iin Norfuk Ailen.  Dem korl et daa Melaniishan Mishan en uben iin 1866 lorngfe 16 yang salan.  Bai 1899 dem head 210 styyudens fram 20 ailen.  Dem tiich dem letl salan baut Krishiaeneti en watawieh fe faam en lew helthi. Dem boi lern baut’ kaapentri ena taeda haendi skil, en dem gerl lern watawieh fe kuk en soe.


  Paat o’ Bishaps Kort desdieh des dae

Bin gat plenti bildens iin daa Mishan ieriya, wich kawa baut 400 hekteyas.  Iin dem 1920s dem shef daa Melaniishan Mishan gen dem Sohlamen Ailen. Dem shef sam o’dem bildens gena taeda said orn Norfuk, bat mus orl se tek et paat en shef et gen dem Sohlomen Ailen. Dem wans dem labii ya es daa Chaepel, daa Rektri, en Bishaps Kort.