Middleridge reserve



Middleridge Reserve is located near the centre of the island opposite Norfolk Island Central School.


The reserve occupies 0.2 hectares of land


The reserve sits on the centre of a ridge that separates the Town Creek catchment which drains to the south, from the Cascade Creek and Simon’s Water catchments that drain to the north.

Why is it important for conservation?

The most important feature of the reserve is the “banyan tree”.  This is a Moreton Bay Fig planted in the early 1900s and now an important landmark.  Five Norfolk Island Pines along the roadside on Collins Head Road are part of a row of pines planted to celebrate the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II on 2nd June 1953.

Best Bits

  1. The banyan tree has given its name to the preschool next door.

  2. The pines provide shade for cattle which graze the roadsides.


Said es

Medelrij Reserw es gen daa senta o’ daa ailen ohposit daa Norfuk Ailen Sentrl Skuul.


Daa riserw tek ap 0.2 hekteyas o’ laen.


Daa riserw sti orn daa senta o’ daa rij dhaet separiet daa Taun Kriik kaechment wathen drien gen daa sauth, fram aa Kaaskied Kriik en Saiman’s Worta kaechment wathen drien gen daa north.

Fut es importantan fe kohnsawieshan?

Daa moes important fiicha o’daa reserw es daa “baenyan trii”.  Dieh es wan Mortan Bieh Fig dem plant iin dem erli 1900s en es nau wan important laendmaak.  Faiw Norfok Ailen Pains alorng daa roed orn Kohlins Hed Roed es paat o’ wan roe o’ pain dem plant fe selebrieht daa kohranieshan o’ Kwiin ‘Lisabath II orn 2nd Juun 1953.

Baes Piis

  1.     Daa baenyan trii se giw ets niem gen daa priiskuul neks dor.

  2.     Dem pain giwa shiehd fe dem kaetl wathen gries dem roedsaid.