mt pitt and mt bates


What’s here?

  1. Mt Pitt and Mt Bates are the two main mountain peaks on Norfolk Island.  They are parts of an extinct volcano.  They are both about 330m high.

  2. There is a short walk from the top of Mt Pitt to the top of Mt Bates.  Along the way you will pass the remains of some concrete floors from buildings used in WWII.

  Remains of Radar station

  1. At the top of the mountain you can see the rusting remains of the radar station and the big pit which the men dug to house the rest of the buildings.  The radar station tracked over 200 planes a week during 1943 and 1944 as they flew into Norfolk aerodrome.

  2. Mt Pitt Rd ends near the top of Mt Pitt which has telecommunications equipment on its summit. 

  3. Spectacular views of the island can be seen from the top of Mt Pitt.

  4. Mt Pitt was very important during the First Settlement.  It was home to hundreds of thousands of providence petrels – a migratory seabird.  The convicts and officers of the first settlement were starving, so when the birds started to land to breed in May, over 170,000 were killed for food.  Without the birds, the people would probably have died, but as a result of the mass killing, the providence petrel no longer nests on Norfolk Island.  A small number are known to nest on Phillip Island.


What can you do here?

  1. Go to the top of Mt Pitt and look at a sunrise or a sunset.

  2. Walk to the top of Mt Bates and see the large hole was dug by the men of the New Zealand Air Force.

  3. Take one of the many walks through the national park or have a picnic.

  4. Look out to Phillip Island and see the vegetation returning since the removal of the rabbits.

  5. Watch rafts of Wedge Tailed Shearwaters returning at dusk.

Mt Pit en Mt Biets


Wathen ya?

  1. Mt Pit en Mt Biets es dem tuu mien maunten piik orn Norfuk Ailen.  Dem es paat o daa ekstinkt volkieno.  Boeth dem es abaut 330m hai.

  2. Gata short work from daa top f’ Mt Pit a d’ top f’ Mt Biets. Alorng daa wieh yu gwena paas dem remiens o sam o dem kohnkriit flor fram dem bildens dem yuus iin WWII.

  3. Orn d’ top f’ daa maunten yu el sii dem rasti piis laef or fram daa riehdaa stieshan en aa big   pit dem mien dig f’ haus orl dem teada bilden.  Daa riehdaa stieshan traekt or 200 pliens a wiik dyuuren 1943 en 1944 wen dem flai iin daa Norfuk eyaport.

  4. Mt Pit Rd stohp gen daa top f’ Mt Pit wich gat wan telikohmyuunikieshans ekwipment orna top. Yuu el si spektaekula vyuus o daa aillen fram aa top f’ Mt Pit.

  5. Mt Pit es important an iin daa Fas Setelment.  Es hoem gen handreds o’ thausens o’ dem prohvidens petrel – wan maigrietri siibird.  Dem cohnvikt ena ohfisas o daa fas setelment wos staaven, soe wen dem berd begen a’ laen f’ briid iin Mieh, dem kil or 170,000 f’ it et.  Uni nort f’ dem berd, dem salan prohbabli wud bii s’ died, bat kos wieh dem du d’ maes kilen, dem prohvidens petrel nor yuusa nes ya orn Norfuk Ailen. Dem noe wan smorl amaunt o dem yuusa nes orn Felep Ailen.

  Remiens’ daa Riehdaa Stiehshan

Wathen yu el duu ya?

  1. Goe apa top o Mt Pitt en si daa sanset. Work gen daa  top f’ Mount Bates en si daa laaj hoel dig et bai dem mien o daa Nyuu Siilan Eya  Fors.

  2. Tek wan o dem meni works gat abaut iin daa naeshnal paak ala haewa piknik.

  3. Luk aut gen Felep Aien en sii wieh daa vejetieshan s’ kam baek sens dem tek wieh dem raebet.

  4. Wohch raafs o dem Wej Tiel Sheyaworta reternen orn dask