Norfolk Island Botanical garden



A view in the gardens from the main track

What’s here?

  1. The Botanic Garden contains lots of different plants – all are native to Norfolk Island. 

  2. There are tracks throughout the gardens that take you through different habitats and allow you to see many different plants.    

  3. Many of the plants have labels telling you what they are.


The original garden was owned by Mrs Annie Moore.  Mrs Moore cleared the land of weeds and planted many Norfolk Island plant species.  After she left the island, Norfolk Island Administration maintained the gardens until 1986 when it became part of the Norfolk Island National Park and Botanic Garden.  An adjoining 4.9ha was purchased in 1993.  The botanic garden now covers 5.5ha.


Why is it important?

  1. The Botanic Garden is a refuge for 40 plant species found only on the island.  Many of the island’s critically endangered plant species grow in the garden.

  2. Many of the plants are labelled so you can learn their names.


  A small fungus found in the gardens

What can you do here?

  1. Go bird watching - many birds use the botanic garden.

  2. Look out for the native, endangered green parrot which can often be easily seen in the garden.

  3. Learn about which plants are only found on Norfolk Island.

  4. Walk down to the rainforest and discover why Samson’s Sinew got that name.

Botaenik gaaden


  A vyuu o dem gaadens fram daa mien traek

Wathen ya?

  1. Daa botaenik gaaden gat plenti defrent plaant – orl es niehtiv t’ Norfuk Ailen. 

  2. Gut’ traeks thruu dem gaadens el tek yuu thruu defrent haebitaets let yu sii plenti defrent plaant.    

  3. Plenti o dem plaat gata liebl larnen yuu wats dem.



Daa orijinal gaaden s’ oen et bai Mrs Annie Moore.  Mrs Moore kleya daa laen f’ wiids en plant plenti Norfuk Ailen plaant spiisis.  Aafta shi liiw d’ Ailen, daa Norfuk Ailen Aedministriehshan mientiehn dem gaaden tal 1986 wen kaum paat o daa Norfuk Ailen Naeshnl Paak en Botaenik Gaaden.  Dem bai ajoinen 4.9ha o laen iin 1993.  Daa botaenik gaaden nau kawa 5.5ha.


Fut es important wan?

  1. Daa botaenik gaaden es wan refyuuj f’ 40 plaant spiisis fainet uni orn daa ailen.  Plenti o daa ailens kritikali endiehnjad plaant spiisis groe iin dieh gaaden.

  2. Plenti o dem plaant s’ liebl et soe yu el laan wats dems niem.


Wathen yuu el duu ya?

  1. Wohch dem berd - plenti berds yuus daa botaenik gaaden.

  2. Yuu el iisi si iina gaaden dem nietiv, endiehnjad griin paerat soe luk aut faret.

  3. Lern wata plaant el uni fain et orn Norfuk Ailen.

  4. Wan smorl fangas fainet  iin daa gaadens

  5. Work ina rienfohres en si fut Samson’s Sinew get daa niem.