norfolk island national parks



The Norfolk Island National Park and Norfolk Island Botanic Garden were established in 1984.  These special natural areas are managed by the Australian Government for the people of Norfolk Island and its visitors.


What’s here?

  1. The National Park protects over 690ha of land; 493ha in the Mt Pitt section of the national park, 197ha on Phillip Island and 5.5ha of botanic gardens.

Long-billed white-eyes

In the park you will find coastal grasslands, subtropical rainforest, woody vine forests as well as more open pine and oak woodlands.

  1. The park contains the largest area of remaining natural vegetation on the island.

  2. The national park and botanic garden are a refuge for plants and animals that are not found any where in the world except Norfolk Island. 

  3. There are many spectacular views and walks in the park which are now protected for the future.


Butterfly feeding


Why is it important?

  1. The park protects important habitats which are largely undeveloped and undisturbed.

  2. The park and garden provide the largest area of natural vegetation on the island – nearly 1/5 of the Norfolk Island territory.

  3. Rangers are employed to look after the biodiversity within the park.

  4. Threatened species are given special management attention to help stop any further loss of species from Norfolk Island.


Some interesting snippets

  1. Norfolk Island has lost eight bird species – they are extinct.

  2. The national park and the botanic gardens are the last refuge for many plants and animals, including 31 endemic plant species, of which 15 are listed as critically endangered.

  3. Feral (introduced) animals have been removed from Phillip Island.  There used to be rabbits, sheep, pigs and goats which destroyed the native vegetation and killed nesting seabirds.  The vegetation is recovering and bird species which used to occur are now returning to the island.


What can you do here?

  1. Quietly look for the native birds.

  2. Go on bushwalks to see different types of plant communities.

  3. Experience the spectacular scenery of Norfolk Island.

  4. Find out why the Green Parrot nearly became extinct.



Daa Norfuk Ailen Nashional Park en aa Norfuk Ailen Botanik Garden establish et iin 1984.  Dee speshial natural areas es manajed bi daa Australian Government fed em sulun o’ Norfuk Iislen en its visitors.


Wuthen ya?

  1. Daa national park luuk out fe over 690ha o’ land; 493ha iin daa Mt Pitt section o’daa national park, 197ha orn Phillip Island en 5.5ha o’ botanic garden.

Long-billed white-eyes

Iina park you el fiin koastal grasslands, subtropikal rainforest, woody wiini forests ena moor oopen piin  ena oak woodlands.

  1. Daa park gut daa larjest airea o’ natural vejetation laff orna iislen.

  2. Daa nashional park and botanik garden es wun refuuj fe plant ena animal nor yuusa fin eniside iina world except Norfuk Iislen. 

  3. Gut plenti spectakular views ena walk iina park wich se noe protekt et fe daa future.

Butterfly feeding


Fut es importantan?

  1. Daa park yuusa look out fe important habitats wich ess larjli nor se chaenj ula disturb et.

  2. Daa park ena garden giw daa larjest area o’ natural vejetation orna iislen – moosa 1/5 o’ daa Norfuk Iislen territori.

  3. Ranjers ess emploied fe luuk out fe daa biodiversiti gut iina park.

  4. Threatened spiisies es giwen speshial manajement attention fe halp stop enimor loss o’ species from Norfuk Ailen.


Sum interesting snippets

  1. Norfuk Ailen se lors eight bird spesies – dem ess extinkt.

  2. Daa national park ena botanic gardens ess daa larst refuuj fe penti plant ena animal, including 31 endemik plant spesies, o’ wich 15 ess listed as kritikally endanjered.

  3. Feral (introduused) animals bin remove et from Phellep Iislen.  Bin yuusa be guta rabbit, sheep, pig ena got wich destroyed daa native vejetation en kill dem nesting seabirds.  Daa vegetation es comen guud en dem bird species bin yuusa gut se begina cum bak gen daa iislen.


Wuthen yuu ell do ya?

  1. Quietly look fe dem native birds.

  2. Go orna bushwalks fe si dem defferent kiin o’ plant communities.

  3. Experiens daa spectakular seenery o’ Norfuk Iislen.

  4. Fiin out foot daa Green Parrot moosa cum extinkt.