In 1835, the soldiers needed new living and working space, so a new building was started.  It is recognised as being a very fine building.  It was built very quickly by the convicts and was finished in February 1836.

Its use during the Second and Third Settlements

One hundred and sixty soldiers lived in the New Military Barracks.  They lived in the bigger main building, which was built first.  Then the convicts built the Officers’ Quarters in a separate building, a Military Hospital and an Ammunition Magazine.

While the old Military Hospital was still being used, Major Anderson and his officers used the New Military hospital as a ballroom and had parties there. At one time part of the ground floor was used for a church.

In 1909 the New Military Hospital was destroyed by fire.

The building just inside the gateway was the guardhouse and the ammunition was stored in the powder magazine near the western wall.  This building could store up to thirty thousand rounds of ball cartridges.

Its use today

Today the buildings have been restored and the Norfolk Island Administration uses them for its offices.   The people of the island often go in to do things like paying electricity bills or renewing their car licences.  The Administrator’s offices are also located in a building on the eastern side, which was originally the Officers’  Quarters.

Nyuu Militiari Baeraks

Iin 1835, dem soelja niid wan dem nyuu said fe lew en werk, soe dem begen’ bild wan nyuu bilding.  Salan el sii es wan waawaha bilding.  Dem kohnwikt bild et faas en se dan bai Febyuweri 1836.

Wieh yuus et iin dem Sekan en Therd Setelment

Wan hanred en siksti soelja lew iin daa Nyuu Militari Baeraks.  Dem lew iin daa big mien bilden, wathen dem bild fas.  Den dem kohnwikts bild daa Ohfisas’ Kwortas iin wan tada bilding, wan Militari  Hospetl en wan Aemyunishan Maegasiin.

Wail dem stil yuus daa oel Militari Hospetl , Mieja Aendasan en his ohfisas bin yuusa yuus daa Nyuu Militari Hospetl aes wan borlruum en haewa  paati deya. Aet wan taim paat o’daa graun flor bin yuus et fe wan cherch.

Iin 1909 daa Nyuu Militari Hospetl ban daun.

Daa bilding jes iinsaid daa giet wos daa gaadhaus en dem stor dem aemyunishan iin daa pauda maegasiin gen daa wes worl.  Dii bilding el stor ap tuu therti thausen raun o’ borl kaatrij.

Wieh yuus et diisiehs

Desdieh dem bildings se restor et en daa  Norfuk Ailen Aedministrieshan yuus et fe dem ohfes.  Aklans salan gu iin plenti taim fe du d’ thing simis pieyen lektrisiti bil ala renyuu dems kaa laisens.  Daa Aedministrieta’s ohfis es orlse loekieted iin wan bilding orn daa iis said, wathen bin es daa Ohisas’  Kwortas.