Norfolk Air is the local airline of Norfolk Island and it is owned by the Norfolk Island Government. It flies from Norfolk Island to the Australian mainland ports of Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne each week and to Newcastle from time to time.

Norfolk Air was started by the government when other airlines stopped flying to and from Norfolk Island. It has been flying since May 2005.

Norfolk Air carries tourists; local Norfolk Island residents; mail and other freight to and from Australia and it is a really important part of life for everyone on the island. Most people have jobs that depend in some way on the tourists and the things that they want to do once they arrive on Norfolk Island for their holiday, for example places to stay, eating out, taking tours, shopping and renting cars.

Norfolk Air ess daa local airliin f’ Norfuk Iislen en daa Norfuk Iislen Gowenment oen et. Yusa fly from Norfuk Iislen gen daa Australian maenlan port o’ Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne en Newcastle every wiik.

Daa Gowenment begin Norfuk Air  wen dem tada airliin duna fli orda Norfuk. Bin flien ya sence May 2005.

Norfuk Air  cari d’ tourist; local Norfuk sulun; mael en tada freight tu en from Australia en ess one riili important part o’lif fe al de sulun orn daa Iislen. Most sulun guta job usa depend iin sum way orn dem tourist en dem thing dem liika do wuns dem se orn Norfuk Iislen  simes siid fe stop, it out, teka tour, shoping en renten a car.