palm glen


What’s here?

  1. At Palm Glen there is a picnic area with toilets.

  2. Walking tracks into the forest leave from the picnic area.

  3. Excellent views across the island.

  4. The picnic area has sloping, grassy areas suitable for playing.



The lower picnic area

  The higher picnic area

Why is it important?

  1. Palm Glen is an important part of the park because it allows elderly people and families with small children to see the park and go on short walks

  2. You can walk the forest loop track.  There are some old fruit trees in the area.


  Norfolk palm with seeds


What can you do here?

  1. Walk to Mt Pitt, Mt Bates, Bird Rock or Cook’s Monument.

  2. Picnic and play in the parkland.

  3. Take the short circuit walk through a beautiful palm forest gully.



Wathen ya?

  1. Aet Paam Glen gat wan piknik ieriya en sam khloset

  2. Worken traek iintu daa fohres liiw fram daa piknik ieriya.

  3. Ekselent vyuu krors daa ailen.

  4. Daa piknik ieriya gata sloepen, graasi said es gudan f’ plieh orn.

   Daa loewa piknik  ieriya

  Daa Haiya piknik ieriya

Fut es important an?

  1. Palm Glen ess wan important paat o daa paak said yuusa leta oel salan, ena faemlis gata letl salan f’ si d’ park en teka short works

  2. Yu el work daa fohres luup traek.  Gat sam oel fruut trii iina ieriya.


  Norfuk paam en ets siid

Wathen yu el duu ya?

  1. Work gen Mt Pitt, Mt Bates, Bird Rock ala Cook’s Monument.

  2. Picnik en plieh iin daa paaklaen.

  3. Teka short raun work thruu wan byuutiful paam fohres gali.