When was it built?

The Pier Store was built in 1825 as a commissariat store.  It was built as a secure building because food, clothes and uniforms were stored there.  Until about 1840 there was a boatshed attached at the western end.

Its uses during the Second Settlement

On 8th May, 1834, the Pier Store (as well as other low lying areas of Kingston) was flooded by a very high tide or tsunami.  Because of the damage, the new Commissariat Store was built on Quality Row.  At that time the water mill was not able to grind all the grain that was needed so 26 handmills were installed upstairs in the Pier Store.  Each of these was operated by two men and men who were unable to do harder work were used on the handmills. The mills only lasted 12 months before they were worn out.  The Crankmill then was used for the grinding and the handmills were removed.  The top floor of the Pier Store was then used as a guard room so the balcony was installed to give a better view of the area.  Downstairs was still used as a store.

Its uses during the Third Settlement

The Pitcairners used the Pier Store as a customs store and part of the upper floor was used as a coffin room. 

Its uses today

The Pier Store has been used continuously since it was built in 1825 and became part of the Norfolk Island Museum in 1988.  Downstairs you will find the Sirius exhibition.  Upstairs is now dedicated to exhibitions about Norfolk Island history since the arrival of the Pitcairners.

Daa Peya Stor



Wat taim bild et?

Dem bild daa Peya Stor iin 1825  fe wan  cohmisiehriyat stor.  Dem bild et aes wan sief bilden fe kiip dem wetls, klorh ena yuuniforms iin.  Tal baut 1840 haed wan boetshed ataechen gen et aet daa wes en.

Wieh yuus et iin daa Sekan Setelment

Orn 8th Mieh, 1834, daa Peya Stor (en plenti tada loe laien iehriya o’ Taun) flad et lorngfe wan riil hai taid ala suunaami.  Said haed orl dem daemej; dem bil daa new Kohmisiehriyat Stor orn  Kwohleti Roe.  Aet daa taim daa worta mil kaa grain orl dem grien dem niid soe dem pat 26 haenmil apsteyas iin daa Peya Stor.  Orl dii tek tuu mien fe ohpariet en dem bin yuus’ yuus dem mien huu kaa duu dem haad werk orn dem haenmil.  Dem mil uni laas wan yia for se haedet.  Den dem bin yuus daa Kraenkmil fe dem grainen en dem tek wieh dem haenmil.  Daa tohp flor o daa Peya Stor den yuus et fe wan gaad ruum en dem pat orn daa baelkani soe dem el si daa iehriya baeta.  Dem stiil yuus dawnsteyas fe wan stor.

Wieh yuus et iin daa Therd Setelment

Dem Pitkernas yuus daa Peya Stor f wan castams stor en paat o daa  apa flor yuus et fe wan kohfin ruum. 

Wieh yuus et desdieh

Dem naewa dana yuus daa Peya Stor sens bild et iin 1825 en kam es  paat o daa Norfuk Ailen Myuusiium iin 1988.  Daun d’ bohtam yu gwen fain daa Siriyas eksibishan.  Ap’top  gata eksibishans baut Norfuk Ailen.