point hunter reserve



Point Hunter Reserve is in the Kingston and Arthur’s Vale Historic Area on the south coast.


The reserve occupies 30.9 hectares of land


Point Hunter Reserve has a number of high rocky, calcarenite outcrops and most of the rock in the reserve is calcarenite.

Why is it important for conservation?

Prior to European Settlement there was a Polynesian village on the dunes behind Emily Bay.  This area was also a centre of activity during the First and Second Settlements when it was used for industrial activities including the Lime Kilns, Salt House and Windmill.  The foreshore contains evidence of stone quarrying from those settlements.  Today almost half of the reserve is used as part of the golf course.

Some of the pine trees were growing there before European settlement and there was Lone Pine is shown in a sketch from the 1790s but this is not the one we see now. This is a pine planted later when the other one was dying.

In the 1920s, the ship, the Resolution was built and launched in Emily Bay.

Today the reserve is very important for recreation activities including golf, walking, swimming and fishing.

Best Bits

  1.     Swimming and snorkelling in Emily Bay

  2.     Walking around the foreshore

  3.     Camping in the camping grounds in summer

  4.     Playing golf on the golf course

  5.     Picnicking at one of the picnic areas

  6.     Investigating the ruins

  7.     Fossick in the rock pools to see what animals you can find





Said es  

Point Hanta Riserw es iin KAVHA (Kingstan en Aatha’s Viel Histohrik Ieriya) orn daa sauth koes.


Daa riserw tek ap 30.9 hekteyas o’ laen.


Point Hanta Riserw gat’ namba o’ hai roki, calcaranite autkrop en mus orl dem rok iin daa reserw es calcarenite.

Fuot es importantan fe kohnsavieshan?

For daa Yuurapiiyan Setelment bin gat wan Pohliniishan vilej orn dem dyuuns hind Emli Bieh.  Dieh said orlsoe bin es daa senta o’ aektiviti dyuuren daa Fas en Sekan Setelment wen se yuus et fe indastriyl aektivitis enkluuden daa Laim Kiln, Solt Haus en aa Winmil.  Daa forshor gata ewidens o’ stoen kwohriyen fram dem setelment.  Nau muos haaf daa  reserw es yuust fe sam o’ daa gohlf kors.

Sam o’ dem pain trii bin groe deya for Yuurapiiyan setelment en wan Loen Pain es shoen orn wan skech fram em 1790s bat daa ent daa pain deya nau. Dii wan es wan dem plant wen daa tada wan wos dieden.

Iin dem 1920s, dem bild daa Resolution en lornch et iin Emli Bieh.

Nau daa reserw es importantan fe rekriyieshan aektivetiis simes gohlf, worken, naawien en fishen.

Baes Piis

  1.     Naawien en snorklen  iin Emli Bieh

  2.     Worken raun daa forshor

  3.     Kaempen iin dem kaempen graun iin Sama

  4.     Pliehen gohlf orn aa gohlf kors

  5.     Pikniken aet wan o’ dem piknik said

  6.     Investigieshan o’ dem ruuen

  7.     Fohsiken iin dem rok puul fe sii wata aeniml yu el fain