point ross reserve



Point Ross Reserve is located on the south-western corner of the island.


The reserve occupies 8.0 hectares of land.


The hillside here is 70m high but has been eroded to the basalt bedrock.   Crystal Pool is probably the remains of a lava tube which formed when the outside of a river of lava cooled and the lava flowed out of it leaving it hollow.


Why is it important for conservation?

Crystal Pool is a large natural swimming pool at the tip of Point Ross.

The cliff edges are home to hundreds of Ghostbirds (Wedge tailed Shearwaters) and their burrows riddle the ground.

There was a signal station on the reserve during the Second Settlement which was used to fly coloured warning flags to signal ships at sea.

During World War II it was used as an observation and machinegun post to protect Norfolk Island in case of enemy invasion. This has almost eroded away.

Best Bits

  1.    Crystal Pool is difficult to get to but it is a popular place for swimming and fishing at low  tide. Be careful to watch for large waves washing into the pool.

  2.     Watch the Ghostbirds coming to their burrows on summer evenings.





Said es

Yu el fain Point Ros Riserw orn daa sou-wes korna o’ daa ailen.


Daa riserw tek ap 8.0 hekteyas o’ laen.


Daa hil ya es 70m hai bat bin eroedet baek gen daa baesolt bedrok. Kristal Puul es prohbli dem remiens o’ daa laava tyuub wathen form et wen daa autsaid o’ wan riwa o’ laava kuul en dem laava floe aut et labiyen et hohlo. 

Fut es importantan fe kohnsawieshan?

Kristal Puul es wan laaj naetrl swimen puul aet daa tip fe Point Ros.

Dem klef iej es hoem gen handeds o’ Goesbad en dem baroh orl baut orna graun.

Bin yuus gat wan signl stieshan orn aa reserw iin daa Sekan Setelment wathen dem bin yuus fe flai de kala wornen flaeg fe signl dem shep auta sii.

Wen Werl Wor II wos orn bin yuus et fe wan obsavieshan ena mashiingan poes fe protekt Norfuk Ailen bembeya wi get wan enemi invieshan. Dieh se mus orl eroedet wieh.

Baes Piis

  1.   Kristel Puul es haadan fe get gen bat es stil wan popyula said fe naawi en fishen orfa stoen orn loe taid. Yu haewa luk aut fe dem big wiev el wohsh iin daa puul.

  2.    Wohch dem Goesbad kamen iin dems baroh Sama iivnen.