Polynesian peoples explored the Pacific Ocean settling permanently on many islands and visiting others for shorter periods.  The last island they settled was New Zealand where they arrived about 1200 years ago.  Their deliberate explorations were carried out in large canoes which were equipped with sails. The largest were over 30m long and could carry about 100 people.  Today it is believed that Polynesians settled on Norfolk Island about 1000 years ago but they did not have a settlement on the island when Europeans arrived in 1788.

Introduced species evidence of settlement by Polynesian people

As Polynesian peoples settled the Pacific islands, they carried with them a variety of animals and plants that were not native to those islands.  These included dogs, the Pacific Rat (Rattus exulans), taro, yams and bananas (plantains).  The New Zealand flax (Phormium tenax) may have been introduced by the Polynesians and it was well established before Europeans settled Norfolk Island.  A dog tooth was found on Norfolk Island.

Archaeological Evidence of settlement by Polynesian people

Excavations of possible sites of Polynesian settlement has been undertaken at Emily Bay, Cemetery Bay and other sites.  The excavation at Emily Bay found the remains of a house, a cooking hearth (fireplace), stone chips where tools were made, bits of shells, fish bones (including trumpeter), and bird bones.  A large number of land snail shells were found but most of these species are probably extinct today.  Some tools were found which were made from obsidian, a volcanic glass that is not found on Norfolk Island so it must have been brought here by the Polynesians.  A marae, a Polynesian meeting area was uncovered near Emily Bay.

Polynesian adzes and flakes

Daa Pohliniishan Setelment

Pohliniishan salan bin eksplor daa Pasifik Oeshan en tau f’ guud orn sam alien en uni stohp short letl orn’ taeda wan.  Daa laas alien dem setel es Nyuu Ziilan said dem araiw baut 1200 yias agoe.  Dems duu dii delibret eksplorieshans iina big kanuu wathen haeda siel. Dem bigesan es or 30m lorng en el tek baut 100 salan.  Dem b’liiw nau dem Pohliniishans setel orn Norfuk Ailen baut 1000 yias agoe bat dem naewa haed wan setelment orna alien wen dem Yuurapiiyans kam ya iin 1788.

Introduust spiisis shoewen ewidens o’ setelment bai Pohliniishan saln

Wen dem Pohliniishan saln setel dem Pasifik ailens, dem tek lorngfe dem sam deferent or aenimal ena plaent enta nietif gen dem alien.  Dii inkluud’ dorg, daa Pasifik Raet (Rattus exulans), taalo, yaam ena plan (plaentiens).  Daa Nyuu Siilan flaeks (Phormium tenax)  kud bii bin bring et ya fram dem Pohliniishans en se wael estaeblisht ya for dem Yuurapiiyans setl Norfuk Ailen.  Dem fain wan dorgs tiith orn Norfuk Ailen.

Aakiiolojikl ewidens o setelment bai Pohliniishan salan

Eksaviehsans o pohsibl saits o Pohliniishan setelment bin s’ duet aet Emli Bieh, Semetri Bieh en taeda said.  Dem eksavieshans aet Emli Bieh fain d’ remiens o wan haus, wan kuken haath (faiyaplies), stoen chip said dem bin yuus’ mieka tuuls, piis’ o shael, fish boen (inkluden’ trampeta), ena berd boens.  Dem fain plenti laed sniel shael bat mus orl dii spiisiis yu fain s’  prohbabli s’ ekstinkt desdieh.  Sam o dem tuuls dem fain se miek et fram ohbsidiyan, wan vohlkaenik glaas nor fain et orn Norfuk Ailen soe mas bii bin bring et ya bai dem Pohliniishans.  Dem ankawa wan marae, wan Pohliniishan miiten ieriya gen Emli Bieh.

Pohliniishan aedses en’ flieks