norfolk Island post office and philatelic


Post Office

The Post Office operates within the Postal Services Act 1983 which sets postal charges so they are similar to those charged by Australia Post. The Postal Service may vary these charges but any changes must be approved by the Minister for Finance and become part of the Postal Services Regulations.

The Post Office receives and distributes all mail to and from the Island. The mail is sorted into categories of standard letters, large letters and other articles (consisting of magazines, small packets and parcels). All overseas mail is sent to Sydney for Australia or Auckland for New Zealand.  Mail can be sent express post, air mail or surface mail.

At the Post Office you can buy packaging and stationery; send a fax; buy or cash an Australian Money Order; rent one of the 1001 private letter boxes or make a booking for Rawson Hall.

Philatelic Bureau

The Norfolk Island Philatelic Bureau operates within the Norfolk Island Post Office and was established to produce and distribute Norfolk Island’s stamps which are an important source of income for the island.

The Philatelic Bureau is responsible for:

  1. the planning, production and marketing of all Norfolk Island stamps

  2. sending Norfolk Island stamps to stamp collectors all over the world

  3. maintaining a database and providing services to approximately 5,000 collectors who buy all new Norfolk Island stamps and casual customers

  4. sending the Philatelic Bulletin to customers, stamp clubs and stamp dealers four times each year

  5. sending new stamp issues to overseas philatelic agents in Melbourne, Brisbane, Auckland, London, New York, Tokyo, Copenhagen and Frankfurt.



The Administration of Norfolk Island