norfolk island public works


The Works Depot is responsible for the construction and maintenance of Administration buildings, construction and maintenance of the island’s road network, maintenance to all grounds and public places, lighterage, quarry and weighbridge, the landing places at Kingston and Cascade, and carries out all arrangements for burials.  It is not responsible for any buildings or works in KAHVA.

The Works Depot team is led by the Manager of Public Works.  Each section has its own foreman.  The Works Depot has 18 full time staff, 6 temporary full time staff and 2 apprentices.

The Sections

Mechanical Section

The Works Mechanical Section makes sure that all plant/vehicles and equipment are serviced and maintained to a high standard.  They also do welding and fabrication, panel and paint repairs.

Building Maintenance Section

The Building Maintenance Section is responsible for the construction of new buildings and improving existing buildings. It also does maintenance and repairs to Administration buildings and properties. This Section also provides the community with assistance for burials.

Painting Section

The Painting Section is responsible for painting new and existing buildings.

Grounds & Public Places Section

The Grounds Section maintains all grounds and public places and the cleaning and maintenance of all public toilets.

Roads Section

The Roads section is trying to improve the quality and maintenance of the roads.

Lighterage Section

The Lighterage Section is a Government Business Enterprise and is a responsibility of the Minister for Finance. It controls the discharge of cargo to and from Norfolk Island and decides who can be involved in loading and unloading of cargo ships. The Lighterage Section has 3 launches, 4 lighters, 2 mobile cranes, 1 forklift truck and 1 x 4WD vehicle, as well as storage sheds, workshop and workshop equipment. It employs 23 contract workers and 1 security officer. The only full time employee is the Service Manager who is responsible for maintaining all the Lighterage equipment and supervising discharge operations.

Administration Store

The Administration Store Purchasing Department is responsible for the buying, receiving paying for and issuing of all stores and equipment to meet the day-to-day operations of all sections of the Administration.  It must carry out all its functions responsibly so that it stays within its budget.


The Administration of Norfolk Island