Detail of a hut at Queenborough

Its uses during the First Settlement

One of the purposes of the First settlement was to supply food to the colony in Port Jackson, NSW.  They had to do this as well as growing the food needed for the Norfolk Island settlement so it was important to clear land for farming.  In June 1790 a party was sent out to try to find land that would be suitable for clearing.  They found 100 acres of ground that did not have trees but was only covered by vines. 


The land was west of Mt Pitt in the area that is known as Douglas Drive today.  It was initially called Charlotte’s Field but in 1791 it was renamed Queenborough.  It became the most important farming area during the First Settlement.  By early 1791 there were eight houses, a gaol and more houses were being built, including one for the Assistant Surgeon, D’Arcy Wentworth who later became the settlement’s Superintendant. 

Its uses during the Second Settlement

The area was farmed during the Second Settlement but was no longer called Queenborough.


Its uses during the Third Settlement and today

The Pitcairners farmed the area and this continues today.   Part of the Queenborough area is now covered by the airport and runways.  In 1983 archaeologists inspected the site of the old village which was heavily overgrown by vegetation.  They found some depressions in the ground which indicated where buildings used to be.  They also found a large fireplace and chimney but excavations have not yet been done on the site.





  Diitiel o wan hat aet Kwiinbarah

Wieh yuus et iin daa Fas Setelment

Wan dem riisan fe daa Fas Setelment es fe saplai de wetls gen daa kohloni iin Port Jaeksan, NSW.  Dem haewa du dii aes wael es groe dem wetls dem niid fe daa Norfuk Ailen setelment soe es importantan fe kleya dem laen fe faam.  Iin Juun 1790 dem sen wan paati aut fe trai’a fain laen gwena bii gudan fe kleya.  Dem fain 100 iekas o’ graun wathen naewa haeda trii uni se kawa fe waini. 


Dem laen es wes o’ Mt Pit iin aa ieriya wi korl Daglas Draiw nau.  Fas orf bin korl et Shaalat’s Fiil (Charlotte’s Field) bat iin 1791 dem reniem et Kwiinbarah (Queenborough).  Kam es daa moes important faamen said iin daa Fas Setelment.  Bai erli 1791 dem haed iet haus, wan jiel en mor haus wos biien bilt, inkluuden wan fe daa Asistant Serjen, D’Aasi Wentwerth (D’Arcy Wentworth) huu lieta kam es daa setelment’s Suupaintendant. 

Wiehs et iin daa Sekan Setelment

Dem faam daa ieriya iin daa Sekan Setelment bat dem naewa korl et Kwiinbarah.


Wieh yuus et iin daa Therd Setelment en desdieh

Dem Pitkernas faam dieh iehriya en stil yuus desdieh.   Paat o’ daa Kwiinbarah ieriya se nau kawa fe daa eyaport ena runwiehs.  Iin 1983 aakiiohlogis inspekt daa sait o’daa oel wilaj wathen se hewi en oevagroen bai vejitiehshan.  Dem fain sam depreshan iina graun wathen indikiet said dem bildens bin yuusa bii.  Dem orlsoe fain wan big faiyaplies ena chimni bat dem nor se duu de ekskaviehshans ya yet.