The Second Settlement was established on 6th June 1825.  It was designed to be a harsh punishment for the worst type of convict.  No women convicts were allowed and no free settlers were admitted so effectively the whole island was a prison.

Convicts who behaved well lived in convict barracks or as servants for officials living on the island.  Convicts who committed crimes while living on Norfolk Island were imprisoned in the gaol where conditions were cruel, overcrowded and filthy.

Convicts were involved in all forms of labour which was made more difficult when possible.  For example, they were not allowed to have ploughs so had to use hoes to till the land.  Some convicts had to quarry rock in the bay while wearing chains and standing up to their waists in water.  All building was undertaken by the convicts and the buildings of Kingston that you can see today were all built by their labour.

Some of the Commandants were brutal men who today would be imprisoned for their treatment of the convicts but in those days they were seen as being good disciplinarians.  Capt. Alexander Maconochie was an exception as he treated the convicts as human beings with dignity and rewarded good
behaviour and team work.  Unfortunately he was followed by Major Childs and then John Price who tortured prisoners.  (He was later murdered by prisoners in a chain gang near Melbourne in Victoria).  Many prisoners died and were buried on Norfolk Island.

The Second Settlement closed in 1855.

Daa Sekan Setelment

Daa Sekan Setelment estaeblish et orn 6th Jyuun 1825.  Dem desain et fe bii es haash panishment fe dem wases kaina kohnwickt.  Noe gehl kohnwicks wos alaud en noe frii setla el gu iin soe riili daa hoel alien es wan prisan.

Kohnwikt huu duu guud lew iina convikt baraks ula as servant fe dem ofishal lewen orn daa ailen.  Convikt huu do de criim wile lewen orn Norfuk Ailen dem imprisan iin daa jiel said dem kondishans es kruel, jaam ap en huihui.

Kohnwikts wos invohlven iin orl kaina liehba en dem mek et haada fe dem ef dem el.  F’ eksaempl, dem ent fe haewa plau so dem hawea yuusa hoe fe til dem laen.  Sam kohnwiks haewa kwohri d’ rok iina boet wail dem weyaren d’ chiens en staan ap gen dems wies iina worta.  Orl dem bilden se andatiek et bai dem kohnwiks en orl dem bildens iin Taun yu el sii dedieh orl se bild et bai dems liehba.

Sam o dem Kohmandants es saewajan huu dem wud hiiw iina jiel  desdieh fe wieh dem bin yuus’ duu fe dem kohnwik bat iin dem diehs dem bin yuusa thort dem es gud disipliniehriyans.  Kaeptan Aeleksaenda Makohneki es wan eksepshan said hi bin triit dem kohnwiks es hyuuman biiens lorngfe digneti ena reword fe duuen guud
ena worken ina tiim.  Anforchanetli daa neks an es Mieja Chails en den John Prais huu torcha dem prisnas.  (Hi en ap se merdaret bai sam prisnas iina chien gaeng gen Melban iin Viktoriya).  Plenti prisnas died en beri et orn Norfuk Ailen.

Daa Sekan Setelment shet iin 1855.