selwyn PINE Reserve



Selwyn Pine Reserve is along the western coast of Norfolk Island, extending about 1.1km along it.  It is only about 300m wide.  Along about half of its length it joins onto the National Park.


The reserve occupies 21.2 hectares of land.


The area was made up of basalt lava flows that cooled during the volcanic eruptions.  The cliffs are up to 80m high and have deep soil on top.  The cliffs have been heavily weathered and eroded to give steep 450 slopes down to the ocean.   

Why is it important for conservation?

The reserve contains a variety of plant communities including parklands, coastal cliff communities and remnant coastal forest.  Norfolk Island Pine plantations occupy part of the northern section of the reserve and the coastal forest is home to a number of endangered endemic plants.  Cattle are not allowed in the remnant forest along Selwyn Bridge Creek and this has allowed the native plants to flourish.    During summer, white terns nest in the pine trees and there are lots of Ghostbirds nesting in burrows.  Lots of the small native birds rely on the forest for survival.

Best Bits

  1.     Puppys Point picnic area is in the reserve.

  2.     Watch the stunning Norfolk Island sunsets over the sea.

  3.     You can go fishing at Puppys Point or Jacobs Rock.

  4.     The northern section is suitable for bushwalking and bird watching.





Siid Ess

Selwin Reserw es lorng daa west coast o’ Norfuk Ailen (Norfolk Island), extenden bout 1.1km lorng et.  Ess ooni bout 300m wiid.  Lorng bout half its length , joins orn gen daa Nashonal (National) Park.


Daa reserw tek up 21.2 hectares o’ lan.


Dii area bin maek et fe basalt lava floe wuthen cool iin dem volcanik erupshons.  Dem cliff ess up to 80m hi en guta deep soil orna top.  Dem cliff se weather heawi en erode wae fe giw steep 450 slopes doen gen daa sea.   

Foot ess importantun fe conserwaashon?

Daa reserw gut wun varieti o’ plant communities includen parklands, coastal cliff communities ena remnant coastal forest.  Norfolk Ailen (Norfolk Island) Pine plantations tek up part o’daa northern section o’daa reserw enaa coastal forest ess home to fue kina endanjered endemik plant.  Catel ent allowed iin daa remnant forest lorng Selwyn Brij Creek en deer se allow dem natiw plant fe gro goode.    Eena summer, white terns nest in dem pine trees en gut plenti Ghostbud nesten iin dem burro.  Plenti o’dem iwi natiiw birds yuus relii orn daa forest fe surwiw.

Baes Piis

  1.     Puppys Point piknik area ess een deer reserw.

  2.     Woch dem buutiful Norfuk Ailen (Norfolk Island) sunset oer daa sea.

  3.     Yuu ell fish orf Puppys Point ula Jacobs Rock. 

  4.     Daa north piis ess goodun fe bushwalk ula bird wochen