simon’s water


Simon’s Water, almost at the end of Stockyard Road, has been a part of Norfolk Island’s history since the earliest convict days.  In the first Penal Settlement, it was granted to a free settler, Daniel Standfield, who grew wheat and kept sheep there. There is a deep convict-built well on the land which is still used today.

After the Pitcairners arrived in 1856, the land was granted to Simon Young. Simon and his wife and children went back to Pitcairn after a few years. The name “Simon’s Water” was first used for the waterfall and creek at the other end of the property from the road. Now people call the whole place “Simon’s Water”.

Eventually, after Simon died, the land was bought by the Buffett family and there was an old house there until about 1967. You can still see the old chimney next to the shed and flat.

Today, Simon’s Water is owned by Bernie Christian-Bailey. It is used for farming. Vegetables and Coffee are grown, and cattle, horses and pigs are kept there.

There is a sign near the gate inviting visitors to walk across the land and enjoy the lovely native trees and the views of the sea.

Near the cliff there is a seat which was placed there in 2006 to celebrate the visit to the island by some of Simon Young’s descendants who now live in Tahiti.


Saiman’s Worta, mus orna en fe Stokyaad Roed, bin wan paat o’ Norfuk Ailen’s histri sens dem erlies kohnwik dieh. Iin daa Fas Piinal Setelment wos graanted gen wan frii setla korlet Daenyl Staenfiiil, en hi bin yuus et f’ groe d’ wiit en kiip a’ shiip deya. Gat wan diip cohnwik-bilt wael orn daa laen en dem still yuuset desdieh.

Aafta dem Pitkernas kam ya iin 1856, daa laen wos graanted gen Saiman Yang. Saiman en his waif ena letl salan gu baek uda Pitkern aafta uni a fyuu yias. Daa niem “Saiman’s Worta” fas yuus et fe daa wortaforl ena kriik aet daa tada en o’ daa prohpeti fram daa roed. Noe korl daa hoel said “Saiman’s Worta”.

Eventyuli, wen Saiman died, daa laen se bai et bai daa Bafet faemili, en haed wan oel haus deya tal baut 1967. Yu el stil si daa oel chimni gen daa shed ena flaet.

Nau, Saiman’s Worta es oend bai Berni Chreschen-Bieli. Es yuust fe faaming.  Wegtabls ena Kohfi es groen, ena kaetl, hors ena pig yuusa kiip et dieh.

Gat wan sain gen daa giet inwaiten a wisita fe work krors daa laen, en enjoi dem lawli nietif trii en dem vyuus o’daa sii.

Gen daa klef gat wan siit dem pat deya iin 2006 fe selebriet daa weset t’ daa alien bai sam o’ Saiman Yang’s desendents huu nau lew iin Taahiiti.