st barnabas chapel


St Barnabas Chapel was built in 1881 in memory of one of the Bishops of Melanesia, John Coleridge Patteson.


Bishop Patteson was killed during a visit to one of the islands, because they mistook him for someone who was capturing young boys for slaves. Friends of the Bishop back in England donated money for the Chapel and the stained glass windows, the organ and the marble floors. The missionaries helped the boys make the intricate carvings and inlaid shell work. They held services in the Chapel and when the Mission closed and moved to the Solomon Islands, the Chapel was given to the Church of England.

Today people still worship here and many visitors come to admire the beautiful church building and to hear the beautiful pipe organ recitals which are held on the restored organ The Parish Centre was built nearby in the 1990s.




St Baanabas Chaepl


Dem bild St Baanabas Chaepl iin 1881 iin memri o’wan o’dem Bishap o Melaniisha, John Koelrij Paetasan.


Dem kil Bishap Paetasan orn wan weset gen wan o’dem ailen, ko dem thort he es sam salan huu bin ketchen dem yang boi fe yuus fe sliew. Frens o’daa Bishap baek iin Inglan doeniet a mani fe daa Chaepl en daa stien glaas windo, daa organ en dem maabl flor. Dem mishanris haelp dem bois fe mek dem intriket kaavings ena inlied shael werk. Dem bin hoela serwis iin daa Chaepl en wen daa  Mishan shet en shef gen dem Sohlomn Ailen, dem giw daa Chaepel gen daa Cherch o Inglan.

Nau salan still yuus wership ya en plenti wisitas yuusa kam fe aata orn daa byuutiful cherch bilden en fe ya daa byuutiful pail organ resaitls wathen es held orn daa restord organ Daa Paerish Senta bild et lorngsaid et iin dem 1990s.