stock reserve



Stock Reserve is a small reserve in the south western part of the island, adjacent to Anson Bay Rd.


This reserve is only 0.7 hectares in size.


This reserve is fairly flat.  It has been shaped by a slow stream eroding the soil.  The pool and creek were both re-shaped in the early 1990s as part of earthworks done by St Barnabas Church Parish Council.

Why is it important for conservation?

Mission Creek runs through this reserve and Mission Pool is in it.  It is one of the few wetlands on the Island so it is important for native invertebrates. 

This reserve is important for grazing and watering the cattle that live on the roadsides because it has permanent fresh water. 


Best Bits

  1.       You can sometimes see waterbirds near the pond.


Siid ess

Stok reserw es wan iwi reserw iin daa sau wes paat o’ daa ailen.  Es lorngsaid Anesan Bieh Roed.


Dieh reserw es uni 0.7 hekteyas iin sais.


Dieh reserw es kwait flaetan.  Bin shiep et bai wan sloe striim eroeden wieh dem soiyl.  Daa puul ena kriik bin boeth riishiep et iin dem erli 1990s aes paat o’ dem erthwerks dan bai St Baanabas Cherch Paerish Kaunsl.

Fut es importentan fe kohnsawiehshan?

Mishan kriik ran thruu dieh reserw en Mishan Puul es iin et.  Dieh es wan o’ fyuu wetlaen orna Ailen soe es importantan fe nietiw invertabrets. 

Dieh reserw es importantan fe griesen en wortren dem kaetl wathen stop orna roed said gata permanant fresh worta. 

Baes Piis

  1.     Samtaim yu el sii de wortaberd gen daa pohnd.